Time of our lives (16+)

Hey I'm Amanda I'm 17 and I love one direction especially Liam, in a week is my birthday I can't wait I'm finally gonna be 18

What do Ashley and Brenda have in mind for Amanda's birthday present will they do something crazzy........


1. Getting ready

Amanda's P.O.V

"Ok stop pressuring me dam it beauty needs time" I said

"Fine just hurry the hell up" Ashley screamed as I was taking long to get ready for the party

Hi I'm Amanda I am 17 years old i am turning 18 in 5 days yay!! I live with my 4 best friends Ashley 18,Brenda 17, Destiny 18 and Jeniffer 18 I know I know why am I living alone with my friends we'll my parents were abussive so I ran away Ashley Destiny's,Jennifer's and Brenda's parents where dead,abussive or their in jail anyway we dropped out of school to run away from everything we live kind of in the woods we like our privacy our house is 2 stories and we have 6 rooms and 4 bathrooms we have pretty good jobs so we afford the house we live in London but Ash (Ashley), Des (Destiny) and Jen (Jennifer) are from America and Brenda and I are from London

I got out of the 45 minute shower as always since I was gonna dance in this party I got in skinny jeans and a tank-top that had a picture of red lips with smoke coming out I matched my outfit with black toms I went to the bathroom to do my make up and put on a thin layer of eye liner and blood red lip stick I got my phone and left with the girls

When I got down stairs I saw Brenda,Destiny,Ashley and Jennifer waiting for me Brenda had a pink dress with black heels,Ashley had a blue dress with black heels and Destiny had a black dress with red heels and Jennifer had a red dress with black heels we all had our hair curled

"Hey Girls looking good"

"You don't look bad yourself Mrs.Payne"said Ashley

"Can you not call me that please"

" why I thought you liked Liam"

"I do but no need to call me Mrs.Payne"

"Ok ok we get it don't call her Mrs.Payne can we go now" Destiny interrupted

"Woohoo partyyy"Brenda screamed

We got into Ashley's BMW and headed to Lance's birthday party

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