We all have secrets

- Well, this is awkward. -

I am re-writing this so it makes more sense (probably will just make it worse) because my grammar was terrible and my ideas were rubbish.


1. Introduction.



My sister used to always look out for me. Well I say always..........

Anger problems seem to run in my family, only, I got over it. I used to always think 'it would be so cool to be in horror movie, or something of the sort' - why the hell did I think that?!

It's crap, in fact it's more than crap: it's hell. All your doing is waiting for your life to be taken, but they don't want that. They like your suffering, it puts a smile on their face. I know what you're thinking- unless they have a completely understandable reason then that's acceptable. But they don't.....well to me they don't.


It wasn't my fault, at least I think it wasn't. I don't remember all of it- I was young. Did I say something? Did I help my mum and I just block it out because the memories where to painful? I don't know.

Something must of happened, how could all of this come out of one mistake, but it wasn't one mistake was it? It was a couple, it was a lot, it was loads.

But I can't change the past, that's the worst of it.

If I could turn back time I would, I would stop all of this from happening. The deaths, the pain, the awful torture this world gives us, if only.

Everything in this book is true. Only two names have been changed, mine and my sisters. You'll see why. 

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