Tommorow's Newpaper (1Direction FanFic)

Morgan is just an ordinary girl, at least, she thinks she is... one day she receives tomorrows newspaper, except It had Harry Styles death in it. Being from an orphanage and never having listened to their music, she had no clue who he was or that he was in a world-famous boyband. The next day she ends up saving his life, the same way it was described in the article. What happens when he adopts her? What happens when she adopts a little girl from the orphanage?


7. Shopping.

Skai's Pov

       Once we walked in, Dove on my hip, I stared around in awe. His house is huge. Like not just big, Huge! Harry laughed at my expression, which only earned him one of the many glares I have saved for him.

       "Morgan, do I call you mommy?" Dove asked in her American accent, oh yeah, she's from America, forgot to say. I giggled, the giggle only she could draw from me.

"Only if you want to, Love." I told her. She nodded and bounced up and down on my hip.

"Do you want to go explore?" I asked her, already knowing the answer would be a very excited ' Yes! ' and, to my surprise, (Sarcasm there) She said yes. I sat her down and she ran off to explore the three story house.

I turned to Harry, "Room?" I asked, not in the mood for a conversation with him."Your really good with kids, you know." He said, ignoring my question entirely."Yeah, great. Now, if me and her are staying here, we'll need a room." I tell him, more annoyed by the second. "Don't you each want your own room?" He asked, looking at me quizzically. "If you have two rooms next to each other than sure." I replied, actually starting to smile."Great, follow me." He said, walking off up the flight of stairs. I hesitated but followed him to the second floor, he lead me to two doors right next to each other. They were both empty. Completely empty. I looked at him, "Where are we going to sleep?" I asked. "Well we'll need to go shopping, so, go find Dove and meet me at the front door in twenty." He said, smirking.

~Twenty minutes later~

       I arrived at the front door with Dove holding my hand, she looked at me and smiled. I can't believe I'm looking at my daughter, My Daughter. Never thought I'd have one. Especially not when I'm only sixteen. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Harry, walking up with car keys in his hands.
      "Ready?" He asks, smiling down at Dove. "Yeah." I reply, kinda pulling Dove a little bit away from him. Okay, so maybe I don't want him stealing my little girl. Dove giggled when she realized what I had done, she's smarter than you think. I just burst out laughing at the fact she noticed and not Harry, earning me a very confused look from Harry, which only made me laugh harder.

~ At the parking lot (Yeah, I'm that lazy. LoL) ~

      When we pulled in I hopped out and ran around the car to unbuckle Dove. I unbuckled her from her car seat and helped her out, man I love this girl. We first went to buy clothes, Harry insisted. We went into Forever 21, which just so happens to be my favorite store. I took Dove to the Toddler section while Harry went off by himself who-knows-where.

      I picked out quite a lot of clothes for Dove, many of them dresses, and quite a few outfits for play, should she meet friends in the neighborhood. Then I met up with Harry by the changing rooms.

     "Harry what the Heck?!?!?!?"I nearly scream as I see the Humongous pile of clothes thrown over his arm. "Here," He says shoving them into my arms, "Go try them on." I just gape at all of the clothes. At the orphanage we only had  three sets of clothes, one casual pair for every day, one for special occasions (a.k.a. getting adopted) and one for night wear. Never did we get as much as this. I reluctantly walk into one of the changing rooms and begin trying them on. Surprisingly they were almost all my size, how does Harry know my size? I liked quite a lot of them as well. I ended up with about two thirds of the clothes he picked out for me. Walking back out of the changing rooms I see him doing Dove's hair, French braiding her natural bleach blonde waist length hair. I smile, slightly giggling, and walk over with the clothes I liked. Harry looked up once he finished, he smiled when he saw all the clothes.

      "Why don't we go find Dove some more?" He asked, making her giggle and jump up and down. I smiled and nodded as Dove reached up for me to pick her up, I did so of course and carried her to the toddler section again.

      "Heck Harry, you find a lot of clothes." I muttered as we left the store with multiple shopping carts, employees helping. We reached his car and loaded everything in, taking up the whole backseat and trunk. "Now, we can order all the furniture online once we get back." He said, making me stare at him, astonished. "Harry, this must be expensive, we don't need this much." I told him so that only he and I could hear. "yes you do, if your going to be living with me." He replied, making it obvious he had just ended the conversation.



ok, so I just wanted to let you know I may or may not publish longer chapters. I won't always post short ones or long ones. So, tell me what you think!




Hope you like it! Lots of Love, Nami.



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