Tommorow's Newpaper (1Direction FanFic)

Morgan is just an ordinary girl, at least, she thinks she is... one day she receives tomorrows newspaper, except It had Harry Styles death in it. Being from an orphanage and never having listened to their music, she had no clue who he was or that he was in a world-famous boyband. The next day she ends up saving his life, the same way it was described in the article. What happens when he adopts her? What happens when she adopts a little girl from the orphanage?


4. First Life Saved.

Skai's P.O.V.

I just got on my block when I see this guy walking through the street, I don't know why, I just, noticed. I then hear a screech, like someone slamming their car brakes and gas at the same time. The article... I see an suv speed around a corner, heading towards the guy, who's bent down to tie his shoe. The car's about half a block away when my instincts kick in. I start running full out at the guy, I reach him just as he stands up and tackle him onto the sidewalk, just as the car speeds by right where he would have been.

He pulls out his headphones, which I now notice are blarring in his ears, and turns to me.

"What the Heck?!" He yells. I can't even respond I'm stuck on his eyes... green, like emeralds, like Cassidy's... "What?" He asks, now confused.

"n-nothing." I stammer, looking away. He looks at the street and then back at me.

"You just saved my life." He says, smiling. Damn, his smiles gorgeous. He reminds me of Cassidy so much...

"I... my instincts just told me to...." I said trailing off as I realize that sounded awkward.

"Save me?" He laughs, and I join in. Cassidy always made me laugh. Damn."So, what's your name, love?" No, not him. No one can know. Not since Cassidy... I start walking off.

"Hey-" I didn't hear the rest of his sentence since I had climbed an alleyway fence and took off, already regretting it.


Ok, I'm going to start publishing shorter chapters, but more often! So, Comment, Like, Fav, Follow, ya know, the usua.

Lots of Love, Nami

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