Tommorow's Newpaper (1Direction FanFic)

Morgan is just an ordinary girl, at least, she thinks she is... one day she receives tomorrows newspaper, except It had Harry Styles death in it. Being from an orphanage and never having listened to their music, she had no clue who he was or that he was in a world-famous boyband. The next day she ends up saving his life, the same way it was described in the article. What happens when he adopts her? What happens when she adopts a little girl from the orphanage?


8. Decorating the rooms

Harry's Pov

~Once they get home~

Morgan is the most beautiful girl I've ever met. I mean I've never felt like this about a girl, Okay so people call me a flirt. But, she's just so down to earth. She's one of the first girls I've met that isn't screaming her head off because they see me. I'm snapped out of my thoughts when Dove reached up and tugs on my shirt, which reminds me we need to get their furniture ordered.

"Morgan, C'mon lets order the furniture!" I call to her upstairs, moments later a hear footfalls coming down the stairs, signaling she's coming. I run over, grabbing my laptop, and hop onto the couch. And in no time Morgan and Dove are right next to me. I sign in to ' Furniture 123 's website and head to the beds section, since we need that first. I click on the Toddlers section and start scrolling through them until Dove squeals "That one That one!" Pointing at the picture of a Tinker Bell bed. I laughed slightly. The actual bed was five feet in the air, with a couch underneath, stairs, that had drawers made into them, leading up to the bed and a slide coming down. "Dove, that's way too expensive!" Morgan told her, a bit angrily. "No, it's perfect." I cut in, making both of them look at me. I hit the ' Add to Cart ' button under that picture and continued to the teen beds for Morgan. She soon picked out a plain, no headboard or footboard, sky blue and white bed.

~Two Hours later~

After we picked out all the furniture for their rooms, we decided on paint colors. Dove's room was a gentle purple while Morgan's was to be a Light blue. We just finished painting when I hear the doorbell. That'll be the furniture. I run downstairs and answer the door, to my surprise, it's not the furniture but the boys.

"Hey guys! What're y'all doing here, didn't think you could make it in till Tuesday?" I asked them surprised, still happy though. "Well, I asked Paul and since we didn't have anymore concerts that we could do without you he told us to book a plane. So we did." Liam explained, right as Dove walked downstairs, staring. "Umm... Harry you didn't tell us there were fans here." Louis said so Dove couldn't hear. "She's not a fan, I adopted her." I replied, going over to Dove, about to pick her up when, "Harry what do you think you're doing?!?" Morgan demanded, walking down the stairs and picking up Dove. Bad timing Harry. "Harry, who's this?" Zayn asked looking her up and down with a smirk. "She's-" I began, but Morgan cut me off. "Dove's mom." Morgan cut in, making the boys gape at her. "Mom? Your only what, sixteen max?" Zayn asked, a smirk playing on his lips again. "No actually. I'm eighteen. She came with me from my orphanage, since I'm finally eighteen Jess let me adopt her." Morgan answered coolly. "So, you adopted her and Harry adopted both of you?" Liam cut in, stopping Zayn from asking. Morgan simply nodded.

"Now, as long as you don't have any more idiotic questions, I'm going to go show the furniture deliverers were to bring in the furniture." and with that, Morgan walked out the front door to meet the furniture movers who just pulled up.


Hey guys! Okay, sorry this one is so short I just didn't know where to go with it from there! I'm having a bit of writers block so,

Lots of Love, Nami.


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