Tommorow's Newpaper (1Direction FanFic)

Morgan is just an ordinary girl, at least, she thinks she is... one day she receives tomorrows newspaper, except It had Harry Styles death in it. Being from an orphanage and never having listened to their music, she had no clue who he was or that he was in a world-famous boyband. The next day she ends up saving his life, the same way it was described in the article. What happens when he adopts her? What happens when she adopts a little girl from the orphanage?


5. Adopted.... by Him!?!

Skai's Pov

~ Three months later ~

I'm in the orphanage, again. This place seems more like home to me than anywhere now. Ever since they brought me here right after Cassidy... No, Skai. No. Don't think about that right now.

I was sitting in my room that I had to myself, no kid here has been here as long as I have so I have a room to myself. Dove ran in and jumped on the bed giggling, she's only four. It's sad, her parents died in a wreck and she doesn't even remember it. She's kind of became my little sister ever since she came here two years ago, every time I get adopted, I promise her I'll be coming back. Since I know I will. There are a few kids in here that are like my family, Dove being the one I'm most protective of. There's Dove, Camie, LoLo and Chelsey. Chelsey is one of my other best friends. She's sixteen like me but she only came here a year and a half ago. I'm mainly closest to Dove because I basically raised her, from the age of two.

I hear Jessie calling me from downstairs, Jessie is the mom of the kids here. Which basically means she gets us adopted. I groan and tell Dove I'll be right back and head downstairs. I walk down the three floors between my room and Jessie's office, when I open the door I'm completely caught off-guard by whose sitting in front of her desk... it's him. The guy I saved, three months ago. He looks over at me with a smirk on his face.

"Hi, Morgan." He greets me No No No Not him. Please not him. He can't adopt me. He just can't.

"Hi." I say simply before turning to Jessie, "Yeah, Jess?" I ask, now me and her are more like sisters than her being my mother.

"Morgan," She starts, I smirk as I realize no one knows my real name. "Harry here would like to adopt you." She says with a smile that says If you don't try your best to make a good impression your dead.  I sighed and looked over at him.

"No thanks." I snapped and stalked out of the room, knowing I'd be in trouble later.


 Ok, so I'm going to make it where she has a past that you don't get to know about yet, which is why she won't let anyone know her real name.

Lots of Love, Nami.


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