Red Ribbon

Life seemed to be repeating itself at first, although, it was realized that it wasn't. Things were changing. It wasn't right but it feels right.


2. Kills

My body was wrapped in fluffy black blankets, the room around me wasn't familiar. The walls were bare, white paint. There was round, black table, with two matching chairs, black dresser, and the bed being held up by a black platform. The room was quite large, just so empty. There was french doors, that were open, leading out to a nice balcony, with patio furniture. I threw the blankets off of me, stood and looked down at my body. I was wearing a huge shirt, that went to mid-thigh, with shorts that went to my knees. My heart started to pump hard, with fear. I circled the bed, and saw my clothes on the other side of the bed on a small night stand. Inside my jacket was a Ruger SR9. My finger lingered near the trigger as I walked around the bedroom, and balcony.

The door was slightly opened, showing stairs. I pushed the door open with my elbow, and slowly walked down the carpet covered stairs.  When entering the kitchen, I first saw the small dining table. One person was sitting there, Harry.

"Jesus." I said, bitterly, dropping the gun to my side. 

Harry put down the coffee cup he held, the newspaper in the other moved, so he could see me. His eyebrows raised  seeing the gun in my hand. He stood, and slowly strode over to me. His gentle hand took the gun, and placed it on the counter top next to me. He looked down at me with soft green eyes. They sparkled as the sun shone on them. His hands were on my arms, softly gripping them.

"Are you okay?" His voice quiet. My eyes traveled away from his, looking at his body, the space around him. 

"Yeah, I just- I just. I just didn't know what was going on." My eyes went back to his, now watery with tears, just ready to spill. I couldn't fight the feeling anyways. I made small sobs, as he wrapped his arms around me, slightly making little shhing noises.

Without looking, I was passed to someone else, my eyes shut as tight as I could. I figured I knew who it was.

"Come on."

I slightly nodded. With Niall's arm around my shoulders, he lead me upstairs back to his room. As I sat on the bed, he shut the door.

Niall brought one of the chairs over in front of me. His hands were folded together in front of him. He looked at my with eyebrows raised.

"Spill, babe."

"I was born without a mother, died as soon as I was here. Then my dad split on me at fifteen. There was really nobody I could crash with. Except for Sam, her mom let me stay with them. She wanted to put me in some orphan center thing, but I refused. So I stayed until eighteen, then I saved enough money to live on my own. I was young, and didn't know about life, because no one was there. I had a met a guy, and was with him. He was an ex-convict. I didn't know......" I trailed off, not wanting to finish.

When looking back at Niall, his eyes was filled with hurt, as he stared back at me. 

"He hurt me. A lot. When I tried to get out, there was more pain. Sam made me call the police, I was just too scared in the first place because I thought he would even kill me. They ended up arresting him, but he got out quick. And he had came back for me when I had drank too much, and didn't know what was going on. I ended up being at his place, and he was waiting for me in the morning. The same way today was. But, something else happened. I had my gun, and he came after me. I had to shoot him, Niall. I had to kill a human. It screws a regular person."

I glanced away from Niall, and realized that he was the first person I told the honest truth. Even Sam doesn't know. Another thing had hit me. I haven't known Niall for even 24 hours. My head lifted back to look at him. I violently shook my head. 

"I have to go." And I quickly stood up, to get my clothes. 

"Rose, no. Don't leave." His hand gripped my arm. 

I looked into his eyes, as he plead me to stay. I let out a sigh, "I'll come back." I reasured him. 

"I kinda need a ride home. Don't know where I am." And I shrugged a little. 

Niall led me out to the small hallway. Next to his bedroom door, there was a half opened door that looked like a bathroom. I walked inside, changing slowly, looking at the mirror in front of me. Glancing at my slightly scarred body. No, I don't try to commit suicide, self harm, parent abuse, (obviously.) It was Derek. The guy I killed. With my gun. 

I jolted to sound of someone knocking on the door. I had been completely dressed. Though, I looked like utter shit. Hair like a puff ball, mascara and eyeliner below my eyes making dark circles on top of the ones I had for lack of sleep. Lips were dry, and pale. 

"You okay?"

I opened the door and came out nodding and smiling. Which was something extremely hard to do, with my head pounding with a major headache. 

Going down the stairs Harry waved, but stopped us, "I'm keeping this for awhile." He said, waving my gun in his hand. Niall only nodded and took me outside. I had totally reconized where we were in Mullingar.

"I live really close to here, at 7 Lynnderry Court."

Niall handed me a shiny, black helmet as he sat down on a Street Bob Harley Davidson Motorcylce. He patted the small space behind him. I slid on, a little nervous, mostly about where I would put my arms. Silly, but just how I felt. My hands first went onto his shoulders, but knowing that is a stupid place. So, I gently wrapped my arms around his waist, feeling and realizing how comfortable it was. I rested my head on Niall's shoulder, looking ahead at the clear road. 

Niall had started off fast, making me jerk back a little. Holding on tighter, and hearing Niall's sweet laughter in my ears over the roar of the motor. I could see the corner of his mouth lifted into a smile.

It had only took a few minutes to get to my house. With a smile on my face, it had quickly disappeared seeing that there was cars everywhere. Parked in the driveway, on the sidewalk, even one halfway parked in the yard.

I pinched the bridge of my nose, eyes shut tight. I had walked up to the house, feeling for my key in my pockets. Even though I ended up not needing the key, with the door open. When walking in, I had to watch my step, with people just randomly sleeping wherever. 

The door shut behind me, Niall watching me. My fists clenched together, and not in a dumb way that angry little girls did. Opening my roommate's door, I saw her laying on the bed in the same clothes. Her room was filled people, laying everywhere. Stepping over people, I  made my way to Jessica, my roommate. I slightly tapped her head, and cheek a couple times. 

"Mummy?" She had whispered. 

I rolled my eyes at the stupidity, twenty-two and calling for her mum.

"Wake-up!" I yelled with ignorance in my voice. 

Other people groaned, putting things over their heads. Jessica lifted her head to see me.

"Ugh, it's just you." 

"Yeah, just me. Get these people the hell out my house! NOW!" Jesus, I could be her mum at this point.

She turned over, and muttered into her pillow, "You can't tell me what to do."

Well, she thought wrong.

I went to the kitchen, grabbing the broom out of the cleaning supply closet. First, I went back to Jessica's bedroom. I pushed the door, to where it banged against the wall, making people jump, but not where they were getting up. There was probably ten people in the room. I put the broom in my hand like a baseball bat, and just started whacking people in head. It would be really hilarious, if I wasn't so pissed. They slowly got up, but did finally file out. Most of the people in the living room had woken up from the other people in the bedroom yelling at me. For all the assholes who got crazy, I swung the broom at them even more. 

When everyone had left, I noticed the Niall wasn't in the living room anymore. His bike was still outside, but he wasn't. I was about to go into my room, but I saw Jessica sneaking out with the rest. 

"You! We are talking later when you get back. I have stuff to tell you."

She looked annoyed, but I didn't care. She needed to grow up. 

I walked into my room, and Niall was there, looking out the window. I waited by the door, seeing what he'd do. He dragged his hand against the wall, as he walked over to my nightstand. Picking up the small stuffed cat that was on it. 

"My dad gave that to me when I was ten."

He jerked a little at my voice, looking up at me. Putting the cat down, he walked around my bed, and over to me.

"Five years before he left." A statement, not a question to what I had told him earlier. His eyes had turned soft, as he gazed down at me.

I got on my toes, and wrapped my arms around his neck, "Thank you. For everything." It sounded like a goodbye, even though I didn't mean to. I let a tear fall from my eye, but quickly wiped it away. Pulling away, I gave him a soft peck on the cheek. Watching him walk out the house, and drive away. 

I took off my jacket, and heard a crumble in my pocket. Inside was a folded piece of paper, but right when I was about to open it, my telephone rang in the living room. I put the note on my bed and grabbed the phone. 


"Sam? Is that you? You sound terrible. Where are you? I can't here you."

"Rose! You need to come over to Rush! Hurry!" She yelled into the phone. Disconnected. I ran out of the house and locked the door behind me.


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