Love Story

this is my first story so i hope u like it!
this is a story about a girl named Gia who just moved to a new town and meets two twins and falls in love with Joel the oldest twin.


1. love at first sight

Gias p.o.v

"beep, beep, beep" i heard the sound of my alarm clock going off, it was time for me to go to my new school.

i could hear the sound of my mom nagging at me from down stairs "Gia come on down its time for you to have breakfast and go to school its already 7!"

i just walked into my own personal bath room that was connected to my room and turned on the shower. i walk into the shower to feel the calming wormness of the water fall down my head and go down my back, it felt like the best feeling in the hole world.

when i got out i picked out my favourite pair of skinny jeans and my fav shirt that was light blue and hot pink striped with a matching light blue benne

i just moved to a new town and it was the middle of fall, today was a nice worm day, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping, but to me inside it was feeling like it was a rainy day and stormy.

i've been bummed out ever since i left my best friend and boy-friend back at my home town. i missed the way that Gavin and i kissed in the rain and at night and all day, i also missed my best friend Riley. he was always there even in that one time when i needed to go shopping for a new bra and he helped me pick one out (it was so funny he even tried some on to make me feel better)

and now i was all alone with no one to help me in this cloud of darkness only if i could find a new friend, even if it was a girl (i've always felt clam around guys, im not such a girly girl but i do like to dress up every some odd days)

"Gia your food is cold and your sister needs a ride too so hurry up!" my mom always is to busy so i have to drop my sister off at dance lessons before she has school (who in there right mind would ever have dance class at 7:30 in the morning until 9 in the morning!) the good thing is i don't have to pick her up cause she can walk home!

"mkay mom ill be down in a min, hold your horses!" i grabbed my messenger bag with the skeleton head with a pink bow on the top of its head and ran down stairs, and got out my car key's. "ready to go now sis?"

"yep!" my sis is such an optimist. if the glass is half empty she says its half full, its so annoying shes such a geek!

we got into my new light blue convertible and drove away.

As you got to school after dropping off my

sister i walked out of your car and walked past some boys who started whistling and tried to flirt with me

i just walked by, boys are so childish! i wonder why they were so flirts, they were the nerds, i wonder what the jocks are like now!

but i shook my head and left to the front entrance. i went to the main office and got my class times and locker number. yes i have locker 112! that was the same locker i had at my old school.

the school had different locker colours every three lockers, the lockers 111,112, and 113 were bright red and on the inside they were light blue, the school was black tile floor with cream coloured white. every door was maple wood, looked read, and each door had a medal Planck that had each teachers name on it and what type of class it was on it.

this school was fancy but most kids looked like bum's as far as i could see. but there were two guys who didn't really look like that.

i started putting my items into locker 112 and i seemed to have forgotten my lunch! gosh I'm so forgetful, and i didn't bring any money either! agh!

i looked at my phone to see that my old bf, Gavin, texted me.

Gavin:hows it going down there?

me: good

Gavin: i miss u so much, its like I'm missing half of me!

me: stop being a drama queen! u will be ok, i hope i will too. i gtg miss u!

as i put my phone in my pocket i seen that one of the non-bum looking guys was to my left and the other was to my right. they looked a little alike but one has strait hair the other had curly and one has tan skin and the other was like a ghost, the tan skinned one was really cute, a little more than Gavin....

"hi, I'm Joel and this is my twin brother Patrick, i could see that you were looking at us." so the curly hair tanned one was Joel, cute! Patrick was more like a geek. " Patrick say hi, don't be rude!"

"hi" patrick said, i think he's shy.

"im Gia im new here, do u know were mrs. Quinlan's math class is?"

" me and Patrick are in that class we can show you were it is."


we headed to math class, the more we walked the more hotter Joel appeared to me, and he just stared at me.

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