Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


10. Chapter 9

I don’t really care what that terrible thing with my family was.
He wouldn’t have cared if it was someone else. He deserved it because I honestly know he wouldn’t have cared about what happened to me if I were if he was still here.


My mum is driving us to a hospital. I stay silent but all I can here is a whimpering in which I think is Holly. Robin has also realised this and looks at me with an expression asking, “What is she doing?”
I shrug and he shrugs. We both look at Holly in unison. She is turned, back facing Robin and I. Mum has noticed Robin and I trying to look at Holly’s face.
“Holly, dearie, what’s up?”
“Nothing Mum.” Holly says really happily.
Robin and I look at her, confused.
“Mum, what’s going on?” I ask
“You know Uncle Mark, he had an accident. I think Holly’s upset because she’s a witness, she was there, when it happened.”
“But Holly was at school.”
“Not today, she has a stomach ache-at least she said she has-and Uncle Mark came to see our new house. He was playing with Holly in the Garden…”
“No, I was playing with my-umm-dolls and the dollhouse and he was looking at the flowers…yeah.”
“I thought your dollhouse was broken so we threw it away, Hol, ages ago.” Robin says and by looking at my brother’s face, I can tell he’s suspicious about Holly. Robin is also very intelligent which also makes me curious about what Holly has done.
“What happened to Uncle Mark?” I ask, still looking at Holly.
“He’s cracked his head and apparently he’s got a bleed in his head which can end up to a…a…” Mum begins.
“A what?” Robin asks.
“A brain damage, maybe-a coma.” Mum sniffs.
I don’t see why she’s upset; Uncle Mark was selfish and impossible to get through to. He was not very nice to Mum too; he kept saying Mum only cares about herself because she keeps moving. He can talk!
I think it all started when he said to Mum, she wasn’t very responsible, only because I put his twenty-pound note into a mug of steaming hot water. Don’t even ask why there was steaming hot water near me. Besides I was only two when it happened. Too bad for me, I think Mum had said that the twenty pounds was for my third birthday but who gives a two year old money for their birthday, they want toys for goodness sake.
Oh well, it might be my first thanks, I would say to Uncle Mark because I get to miss school and our class detention because of the P.E incident. We pass a sign saying St. Catherine’s hospital. We’ve almost got to Uncle Mark.
When we get in, Mum says to the reception, “Can we see Mark Bendley?” The receptionist looks at her computer. “Ahh, yes, second floor, by the stairs, turn right, third door.”
“Ok…” Mum smiles and she leads us up the lift once, turns right and sees most of our family sitting in front of room three.
I see my horrid, spotty cousins, Petunia, Glenn and Sam. I stare at them and Glenn sticks his tongue out at me. I stick mine back.
Mum slaps my arm, gently and I see some of my Aunts and Uncles look at me with disgust. If I could, I would strangle Glenn! My family look at where I’m staring, at a girl, pink and sparkly petunia, smoothing her very short, Barbie like dress.
She smiles, sweetly and everyone goes back to what they were doing before we came.
Some people love their families and would chase them to their hearts content. I hate mine.
They’re like living with emus and lions or alligators and deer, they do not go well. I budge petunia and slightly crease her dress but do I care. She stands and walks to her also Barbie like mum.
Thanks, more space for me!
Sam looks at me as if I’m homeless or a green fly who live in dog poo. So I stare at him because he’s an idiot and actually look homeless.
Mum breaks the silence, “So, how you doing?” Mum does one of her perky, cheesy smiles.
Mum, not a good time to try and lighten the mood.
“Anne, you do realise Mark can die right now.” My Uncle says and Mum blushes. I find it mean to say he might day soon. Who says that?
“Yes, Miss Jones.” Aunt Rebecca, Sam’s mum says.
Miss Jones? You’re a family member, not my teacher, right?
Mum nods and takes a seat next to Aunt Rebecca. Robin sits next to me, next to Glenn, and Holly sits on Mum’s lap. Some way or another, Robin has gotten Glenn to get on the right side of him because they’re chatting away.
Most of the adults go into the room that Uncle Mark is in, including Mum. The only adult who isn’t going in is great Aunt Madison, who is knitting a colourful, blue, green and yellow scarf. She is probably the only other member in the family, I love except for Mum, Holly and Robin. I go sit next to her, and then I remember she’s a little crazy.
She looks at me and smiles, “Hello Sam, deary.”
“Aunt Madison, I’m Hermione.” I correct her, aggravated already.
“Oh, sorry, I’m going blind, aren’t I sweetie.”
I watch her knit but it’s very boring.
“Aunt, why do old people like to knit?” I hear myself say.
“Because, they’re boring!” Holly giggles: I glare at her.
“Oh Sam, you are very funny!” my aunt says to me.
“Hermione, I’M HERMIONE.” I try to keep smiling. I look nothing like Sam. Firstly, he’s a boy. Secondly, he has blond hair with blue streaks. Thirdly, he’s just SAM.
“Sorry deary, I’m going blind, aren’t I?” I have a feeling she’s losing her memory because she just said that and I’m not Sam.
“Sam, can you pass me my handbag it’s on the floor, near the table, deary.”
I think I’m going to burst.
“Aunt MADISON, I’m Hermione for crying out loud, I don’t get your name wrong so stop getting mine wrong. It’s getting really annoying and I’ve told you loads of time-” My Aunt interrupts me, “No Hermione, I’m speaking to Sam. He’s most near to my handbag."
“Oh,” I say, my face flooding with red. Sam sniggers and passes Aunt her handbag. I’m so embarrassed because I just had a moan out loud about my name and Aunt Madison looks upset. “I’m sorry,” I say, quietly.
“It’s ok, Sam.” She forgives me, sort of. I breathe in deeply trying not to get annoyed again.
Suddenly, we hear a beeping like the sound you hear when someone is dying, coming from Uncle Mark’s room. I see doctors and nurses rushing, sending out my Aunts, Uncles and Mum out the room.
What’s going on?
Mum looks at me worried, then at Robin. I can see she’s searching for Holly. Then I do too. Where is my little sister? Then everyone stares at the door to Uncle Mark’s room because a nurse is shoving Holly out of it.
“Is that what a person looks likes when they are dead?” She says.
“Holly!” Mum drags Holly towards her and looks completely ashamed. Aunt Rebecca bursts out, crying followed by many others.

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