Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


8. Chapter 7

There were many secrets and mysteries I discovered when I was lively.
Only when I realise that now, I had actually accomplished so much, yet not much at all.
If only I had watched out for the red fiery lights or the skidding wheels, then maybe I could go back to my normal life…or was it meant to be?

When I get home, Mum barges into me.
“Oh sweetie, you’re going to be so excited!”
“Right,” I mumble. Every time Mum says something like that, I know it’s not going to be exciting.
Holly and Robin have probably been told the same thing by Mum because they’re sitting and waiting, looking bored.
It all seems awkward but I sit down anyway.
“So, I have good new but to top it off, I…”Mum skips in, then she seems glum, “And bad news.”
Oh great, something else to add to my day.
“Well, what do you want first, good news or bad?” Mum asks, cheerily.
“Weird.” I breathe.
“Mum, stop being perky!” Robin looks embarrassed.
“Good news!” Holly chooses.
“Well, I’ve decided we should go on a holiday but I’m guessing you can choose where to go as long as the price isn’t too high.”
Everyone cheers and I pretend to. I'm thinking of Florida but I'm not sure what as long as the price is not to high properly means.
“Bad news is Aunt Betta, from Ireland is coming over. She’s from your dad’s side so don’t expect so much from her.”
I snigger in my brain. That was slightly good news to me. I can finally use my box of “No-Good But Frightening Tricks”.
“When is she coming?” I ask.
“You seem so eager, a day after tomorrow.” Mum says. “We only have a day to set the house to its cleanest.”
And I only have a day to set up my tricks…


“Why so soon?” holly swings on her chair.
Its dinner and we’re having lentil soup. YUCK!
Mum had said that we haven’t got time for fun and games and luxurious and delicious cooked food just yet because we just moved in.
“What’s so soon, Holly, honey?” Mum finishes wiping the kitchen table, whilst we continue to eat.
“Aunt Betta,” Holly swings harder.
“Well she said, it’s been long since she saw us, she last saw us when you were one, Holly.”
“Is she nice?” Holly swings and I can hear creaking on the floorboards.
“Holly, Aunt Betta is lovely… She’s nice, ok? Forget why I said it was bad news that she was coming. It's not.” Mum gulps down a glass of tap water before warning Holly, "And don’t swing hard, you can hurt you head.”
“I’m fine Mu-Ahhh!” It’s too soon when Holly lands head first on the floor. Mum racing towards her, as Robin clambers out of his chair to see what’s happening, clearly.
I’m analysing it all, as if I’m a witness for a murder.
Eventually, Holly drags herself up, “That was scary! Let’s do it again!”
Robin sighs.
“Young lady, you will not do that again. What did I tell you? Holly you got us worried, you could’ve damaged your brain, and in fact you can stand up and eat your lunch.” Mum’s perkiness has drained out of her and anger has overflowed.
“Mum, she’s ok. No harm.” I calm her down.
“No HARM!” Mum shouts. “Holly, don’t you ever do that again, do you understand?”
“Yes, Mummy.” She whispers. A tear rolling down her cheek.
Then Mum puts her arm around her, “Don’t do that again,” She whispers into her ear, “Please!”


At eight ‘O’ clock, I head to my new room. Nothing can get better than dreaming and imagining myself in a better life.

When I wake up, I find myself in an empty room with trunks and cases and a small drawer.
I have a wash, brush my teeth, and get changed into my uniform and head downstairs.
I spread some jam on my cold slice of bread and munch down on it.
“Hey mum,” I say as I see my mum walk in. “How come we had roast chicken on our first day here but lentil soup yesterday?”
“Well, I tried to cheer you upon the first day but you kids are hard to impress these days so there’s no point in trying.”
I don’t reply, I just stare at her as she makes three mugs of tea and one hot chocolate.
“So what are we going to do over the half term, only one day to go now?” I ask.
“Well Aunt Betta is coming so we might show her around London. We could go to the London Eye or Buckingham Palace…”
“Chessington?” I suggest.
“Yeah but Aunt Betta likes more formal things, you know what I mean.”
Really, do I?
“I’m heading off to school soon anyway.” I walk towards the wooden door with its stained glass windows reflecting the light.
“You want me to drop you off?” Mum calls.
I think. Do, I?
I say, “Yes,” anyway so I can save energy for my first horrible lesson, P.E!
“I’ll drop you later.”
“No, I want to go now!” I demand.
“Don’t be so demanding, Hermione.”
I don’t tell her I want to explore the school.

After half an hour, I’m staring out the window scoffing down a pack of Mentos, which is actually Holly’s. Mum’s driving and she’s humming to the radio.
Let’s just hope this doesn’t go as bad as my first day.

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