Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


7. Chapter 6

At this moment in time when I was Hermione who went to South High, I would be sleeping, possibly snoring but im roaming around my old school. You are probably thinking how and why I got in at almost the middle of the night, but that would be telling!
No one of our kind can either.


When it’s the morning, I wake up at six am. It’s pretty early but it’s good so far for the day.
Time is ticking, quickly somehow.
It feels like just a minute I’m leaving. I have English first thing- At least it’s English. I love English especially in February when I was in my old school; we had a world book week where we wrote and read our favourite books that represented us and what we were like. Of course Mum tried to persuade me to go as Hermione Granger because it represented my name. Although I went as a girl called Mariel from The Considine Curse. She wasn’t fancy or well known but I like the book a lot. Besides Mariel, I would've probably gone as Rhiannon from my favourite book, Everyday.

I arrive forty-five minutes early for school. What should I do? EXPLORE!
I climb up many unnecessary steps to the second floor. I walk along the hall to the next flight of steps. I suddenly lift my head up and notice a door, very high on the wall, almost up to the ceiling.
What is a door doing up there? How can anybody step into it if it’s so high up?

Maybe it’s a secret portal, leading to an enchanted forest of creatures from unknown species like dragons, witches, witches with ragged dark purple and black dresses and pointy buckled witch’s hats and shoes. Fairies, not like pink and happy ones, fairies with sharp teeth and daisies twined into their strands of hair. Im going too far, it’s just a door in which many years ago, a wealthy family may have lived here and used that door to get to their loft. Maybe the builders knocked the staircase down to get to the door but they didn’t board the door up. That’s it!
Suddenly a teacher walks behind me. “That door was used for storage back in the olden days by Victorians. Most new students stare at that door.” I turn around, it’s Miss Blue, “But Miss Jones, I suggest tomorrow you don’t come so early.” She smiles as if nothing happened yesterday.
“Yes, Miss Jones?”
“Yes Miss.” I force a generous smile.
She nods her head then walks away.
I still don’t like Miss Blue much.
During my time waiting for school to start, I read a book. Not so fun but entertaining. When the bell rings, I enter my class and Charlotte is late. Our form tutor goes on about uniform and keeping safe while crossing the roads. We already know how to cross the road for goodness sake! We’re not in year four!

After the bell goes again, we head off for English. I actually can’t wait. And I think I only have two more days until half term! YAY!

Before I go into the classroom, Jewel runs over, “Hey. I’m so glad were partners, wanna have lunch with me later, we’ll get pasta or fish and chips.”
“Ok, thanks.” I say, politely. At least I have someone to have lunch with.
I sit next to Jewel and we begin our starter task in which we have to write a list of words that we don’t know the meanings of. It’s boring but I do it.
Jewel has written loads compared to me, she’s a fast thinker.
Anyway I write:

It’s not much but I hope the words give an impression to our teacher.
I think I’ll be making a good impression with the teacher if I wrote a mentalist considering someone said a cappella. How stupid…right? And actually, I love a cappella music.
When it’s my turn to tell what I wrote, Miss Loveberry says I have a wild imagination-it’s not the first time. Mum said that when I was little, when I played games where I would hang up toy rabbits and chop their heads off like I was King Henry VIII, then Mum would stitch their heads back on.
Maybe that’s where Holly gets her influence from her drawings.
Holly does have an extreme imagination, she says she likes ghosts. She thinks they are pretty. Unfortunately, she even made up an imaginary friend called Lady Blackhope.
Holly had once drawn a picture of her imaginary friend and to my amazement it was good.
The ghost-like lady was actually very pretty. She had high cheekbones and gorgeous fainted indigo blue eyes. Her face was pale, letting her dark long hair stand out. She wore ragged robes and I could almost feel the silkiness of it. Sometimes I wished I were like her. A ghost…

After the lesson, the day seems to go quicker. I’m not sure if it’s because today was an ok day or if I actually enjoyed lessons today but, im glad it’s home time.

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