Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


5. Chapter 4

I am groaning, screaming, crying but nothing can help me, not ever but I will survive…I think.

If only there was some sort of paranormal effect which could switch me back. 

The bell rings for English and we all line up. A pretty girl with short black hair comes up to me. “Hermione can I be your partner?”
“For what?” I ask, tempted.
“Oh were doing these story creating things in partners. I don’t have a partner anymore. We had an argument, so, wanna be mine?”
I have no idea, how good this girl is at English (or her name) but I’m sure I’ll come up with loads of ideas.
In the end, when our English teacher, Miss Loveberry, is doing the register, my partner says, “Yes miss,” to the name Jewel.
“Ok, class, like yesterday, I’m going to give you a feeling and you write a scene from that feeling as your setting, ok?”
Everyone looks ready as if it’s the start of a race.
“The word is Horrowing, GO!”
What the heck does that mean?
Jewel seems to be plotting many sentences into her English book.
“Jewel are we meant to do this activity together?” I whisper next to me.
“No it’s a starter task.”
I nod and worry.
“Just out of curiosity, what is Horrowing?”
“Umm,” Jewel grins, “It means disturbing, distressing, and upsetting, duh.”
“Ok…” Why do we have to write a story about something disturbing?
After I am done, I look at the clock and notice it’s only been two minutes. Did I write that fast?
I volunteer to read mine out:

“I am too desperate, the
miserable but hard working
souls of one another appears
 to be drowning in the proud
enemy’s body making him
stronger and bigger.
I see nothing but blood
and regret…regret for
running away. My friend, lying
there, a deep hole in the
side, bleeding, dying.
It won’t stop because its war.
There is no end, no stop…”
Miss Loveberry loved it because she claps so loudly, her eyes blurring, then I wonder maybe I've reminded her of something horrible, something im yet to discover…
Jewel says, “Im really glad you’re my partner, you’re so good!”
I smile.
Afterwards, we work with our partners to create a story. The teacher says it should take us the whole week in lessons to finish them. Jewel seems to be full of herself. She wants to make the story about her. Rude!
What about me?
It doesn’t matter though as long as I get credit.

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