Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


18. Chapter 17

As I said before, it never occurred to me that like could be like this. I am the only one who knows exactly what the details of that day were. I roam around, dreamy of my realistic, mortal life inside my imagination because I can't make amends now and I can't live my imaginary, only mind-like life.


They said adults don't really play games, yet everyone living is playing one. It's a game they like to call life. When you die, you're out of the picture and you don't even win, bronze, silver or gold. In fact no one wins-that's what they don't know. All I know is you get a letter from the Queen when you've been playing the game for a hundred years.

It's true what they say: When you die, you come out of your dream.

Holly would think the opposite. It still worries me about why Holly could see me but no one else.


Later on, in the future, I'll still be roaming around, even in two thousand and sixty. I'll watch out for new technology. There could be time machines, that way I could go back in time to the day of the fiery lights and swirls. I would change things and stay alive and keep playing the game. Although, if you change someone's death and that person does not die, someone else must take the place whether they like it or not. I'll definitely get used to it, especially when Holly has her children. I wonder if her children will be able to see me. I don't care, I'll always visit Holly-and Robin too-when they're old and grandparents.

Hopefully, Holly and Robin's future family won't be as non-caring and non-loving as the family I had to cope with when I was still keeping my pace at life.

Considering other people can't see me but Holly can that means there has to be a few people out there who can also see me. I usually complain now because I hadn't made a scrapbook or had a photo album to remember my fantastic memories which are rotting day by day and being sucked out by Death.


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