Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


16. Chapter 15

Of course I'm dying, why wouldn't I be? That's how it all happened. It's not even the end of what the accident did to others. I should have really blamed it on Charlotte. That little-I don't know what to call her but I have a few stored in the corner of my mind. It's fate though. Life was planned, every step so you can't change it or everyone's lives would collapse. But life is like that, not all the time.



I hear ambulance sirens. I begin to cry, I have no idea what's going on and I'm so scared, I tug onto Mum's hand. A doctor is pulling her away from me. You can’t take my own mother from me!

"Come back!" I call out for her but no one responds or comes.

I'm on a medical bed, much too unconfutable than the last. My head is being examined and I'm tempted to be sick. The people in the ambulance with me are saying strange scientific words that I can't take in and understand. I feel like I'm suffering from this dread. I read the doctor's name tags, there are: Suzy, Harriet and Harold. A thin, formal lady strolls over to me, "Hello, honey, I'm Megan and I'll be examining you head. You can ask me anything and I'll be there for you when you need me."

"Social worker?" I say, angrily. "I don't need a social worker. I don't understand." I cry, the loudest I ever have, tears dampening my uniform.

I've no idea what the heck is happening but it’s obviously something about me and it's not good at all. I look at the computer, near my bed, it shows an x-ray of what looks like my brain. It's swollen inside. I can tell and it looks like blood is draining out of it. It looks horrible but it can't be my brain so whose brain is it?

My face is pale but I no longer have butterflies, I have a sick feeling. The brain inside my head aches and it seems like it's spinning like the tea cup ride yet probably even faster.

The doctor says some other words I do not understand but in between them he says, "Brain damage!"


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