Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


15. Chapter 14

That's where my mistake happened. Agreeing to Charlotte's demand. She's probably being interviewed. Closer and closer to my tale of what happened. No more should be said or asked.
 We clamber upstairs. I'm totally worn out. We pause at the "staff only" and "out of order" door. "Go in and search for my phone. I'll give you ten pounds if you find it. Seriously." Charlotte analyses her nails. "I need to re-paint these." She groans.

"No." I answer.

"You don't think I should re-paint them. I was going for a mulberry burst or royal blue-hey what about buttercup yellow?"

"No, I'm not going in there." I glare, refusing.

"Well, goody-goody-do you want me to go on?"

"Fine." I stare frustratingly. I feel so vulnerable and helpless. I storm into the room. It's old and dark features haunt me. There is a steep flight of steps leading to a huge room. Exhausted, I drag myself up the stairs. I see a light switch and press it on. The room is very formal with a long table for meetings, a coffee station, lockers and a door that has tape on it to make sure no one goes through. I find the phone on the long table along with forms and folders. I slip the phone into my bag's front pocket. Loudly, a nagging voice sounds through to the huge room I am in.

"You should be in you next lesson. You have a detention. Go, hurry. Scram, stupid girl." I hear a very harsh and strict teacher shout at Charlotte.

Therefore imagine what he'll do to me for being in the staff room, let alone missing my lesson. There is only one way out. The taped door. I'm petrified and tearing at the tape. Surprisingly, I've ripped it off. Stupidly, I go back to the top of the stairs and close the door shut. "Whose there. Come out!" I hear the teacher running up the stairs. I sprint over to the door that I ripped the tape off of. Without hesitations, I pull the handle open and I blink while running out the door and do not notice that I am in the air, falling, very fast but elegantly, in a way. I know what's coming but I have no idea what to do. I crash to the ground, head first producing such a bang, all the classes in this building could hear. I can see sunset coloured swirls. Did Charlotte have a twin because I see two of herself walking towards me, gazing at me as if a cheetah just demolished her friends? "Hermione, please be ok." I hear a sob. I turn over to see where I fell from- all I see is the high up door. I feel like my head has exploded into the air, evaporating my body with it. I scream with pain but that's my brain expressing how I feel. I personally don't feel any pain. Is that too strange?

When I gradually begin to get myself together, I find that im not on the floor but on a medical room's bed. There's a plump lady patting my head as if I'm a dog. I feel a cold, no not even cold-freezing-compress on the back of my head. Shouldn't it be the front of my head? That's where it hurts the most.

"What happened?" I ask, "All I remember is seeing the floor ahead of me and I think I had a..."

"A blackout. Yes, you might have a bleed in your head. Apparently you had a nasty fall. I suspect you have a horrible head ache too." The lady tries to cheer me up but she needs to cheer herself up because she looks even worse than I do, depressed. "I'm Ms Ellis, I'm the school nurse, are you ok?"

I nod, "I'm fine."

"No- I think..." She begins.

"I'M FINE!" I shout.

"Ok," She whimpers.

"I'll head home by myself then." I get off the bed and make my way out. She was awfully stupid to let me out se easily. In fact, she could have been sent to court for that or she was frightened of what I'm capable of. I try to keep myself steady, staggering down the road to my bus stop. I feel like I am drunk, am I? I don't know who I am. I could be a bird because I feel like I am gliding, flying. Or I could be an alligator. Alligators fly, right?

I start to sing "Oh I do like to be beside the seaside," and a funny looking man makes a funny looking face at me. Maybe he's embarrassed because he forgot to sing. All of a sudden I feel like falling. The old man is back, what am I doing? I should go back to the nurse or go home quickly to Mum, oh and Aunt Weirdo Betta or I can go to a rainforest and live there with monkies, tigers and bears. Aww, what such safe, cute animals. I see my bus and hop on, feeling woozy. I touch my nose, blood it dripping. Was she right? Is my brain bleeding?

It can't be, I just fell out of a door, crashing to the ground head first, hip second which could have given me brain damage, so what?

Now that I think about it, I can't remember...what am I doing on the bus, it looks pretty early outside, why am I leaving school so early?

Oh wait, I can answer the first question: I'm going home, but why?

I got off at my destination. I'm a few metres or is it a few miles, I've forgotten but I can see my house from where I am standing. At least I think it's my house. I'll knock on it anyway. I just have to cross that road. How do I do it again?

I stagger and stumble across the road, almost collapsing. I jerk my head to the left then the right. I see fiery lights heading towards me but its too close before I can make sudden movements. Wheels like thunder, roaring as they try to skid to a halt. The man inside the car is extremely worried, sweating, screaming with nerves. As I can tell, the woman who I assume is his wife, is yelling at me, all I hear is, "Move, please Move. MOVE!" water is streaming down her pale face, from her eyes. What do you all that again? I did it when Dad let. Dad! Where is he, when I need him? Do I need him? You tell me.


The next few seconds, the fiery lights are face to face with me, flickering like candles.

Speaking of candles, I like vanilla ones and it burns out its lovely fragrance, soothing the air. I like vanilla ice cream too. I wonder if I can have some after all this nonsense is over. I mean seriously, it's wasting my time. Mum said to get home early to see Petunia.


I can't see anything. I'm in a dark room. Someone is shaking the room and yelling nervously, "Oh my god!" and "Wake up, please. Jim, call the ambulance."

Suddenly the dark room turns back to reality

A woman with dark, red rose lipstick is crying, kneeling over me. "She's awake." She says, "Sweetie, stay with me, how many fingers am I holding."

"Ten, twenty, three, I don't know, stay still and tell that tree to too. It keeps blurring and shaking." I mumble.

The woman looks strangely at the man. I can see Mum sprinting over on the road where I seem to be lying, Aunt Betta behind.

"Oh my, no-no-Hermione!" Mum explodes with water droplets and glares at the man. "You foul idiotic people, are you so stupidly dumb to run over my..." Mum looks over at me, falling to the ground, "My sweet baby!" She pours her sadness out at me, dramatically.

"Mum, what's going on?"

"You're lucky she's still talking!" Mum screams. She seems cross at the lady and man. What is she talking about, you're lucky I'm still talking? Of course I'm talking. Why wouldn't I be? It seems to me, people think I'm dying. What silly people!


Still cars swoop by, decreasing their speed as they pass us. Later on, another huge car with a red cross, or was it green, stops by. Maybe to say hi but you shouldn't really stop by to put someone in a van with x-rays and bottles of medicine, do you?




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