Ghost Girl

"Twelve years have gone to waste but the new me will never go."

Hermione Jones is having a lot of trouble fitting into her new school. The problem is, is when the people tease her, her siblings annoy her, her mum is always busy. But when the tragedy hits, her problems are all gone and there's only one new major dilemma.


14. Chapter 13

It's all a big blur really. Everything! One big blur because nothing actually makes sense in the world, not really! What's the point of being born and then dying ever so quickly? Scrooge would've said something like, "To reduce London's population!" Oh yeah and then he would say, "Humbug!" But he was just a big gloom. I'm not, of course. At least I wasn't. I can't really make out who I am anymore.


It's finally come to the last day of school and then it would be half term. I have a nervous feeling in my stomach bubbling, as if telling me to not go to school. However, it's probably because of what happened yesterday. My stomach lurches. Is it excitement? It can't be, why would I be excited for school? Maybe I've forgotten something and my mind is getting all worried in case it's important. No problem. I'd rather be in a detention than come home to Aunt Betta, Petunia and her designer mum. Maybe my thoughts are coming true and that Petunia coming over was meant to be so I could use my box of tricks. Petunia will be sorry for entering her "snazzy" self into our house and what she has done to me in the past-which now that I think about it- I'm not sure what she's done.


I'm on the bus, thinking about when I pushed Robin into a big fountain and Mum had to fish him out, crashing in too. He was five and crying with fright. Stubbornly, he had wacked his hand everywhere as if he was having a spasm. What an idiot? It's quite funny though when I grin and everyone looks at me as if im weird. But I am, I'm not ordinary, am I?

I get off on the road of my school and speed walk up to the hall with the high up door. I trot up the steep stairs and I wander, "Why couldn't they have built in lifts or high tech escalators?"

Soon enough, I'll be going to a new school anyway. On the way up the flight of stairs, I pass a door saying "Staff Only" and "Out Of Order".

Why would you have a staff room with an out of order sign?

I try to get that out of my mind because it's useless. When I get to the high up door, I see that the windows are bright and glowing which means the lights are on in the room behind. Someone is up there. If someone is in there, there must be a way in. I search around for a ladder but I don't see one in sight but the real question is, why would anyone want to go up there and why is there a secretive way to get up there?

Unless there is just a basic way that I don't know about because I'm new.

I notice a few kids arriving to their classes. Suddenly, I act as if I was doing nothing but standing, waiting, then jog to my class or what I think is my class.


After registration and some other things our tutor said to us that I wasn't listening to, I try to get to Charlotte.

"Hey. Haven't talked to you in a while, eh?" She says, glancing at me.

I respond with a fake smile and immediately ask, "So what lesson do we have next?"

Please say English!

"P.E." She says, casually and quickly turns her face away.


"Again? We already had it twice!" I cry with annoyance.

"Just joking, calm down. I've noticed you hate P.E." She laughs. I glare. She says, "We have Music!" She tries to apologize. I can tell.

I nod with forgiveness and I follow her and her cool friends to our next lesson.

They seem to take a long time to get to our music room. They even go out, past, the school entrance.

"Where are you going?" I gain the courage to ask.

"Oh my, you were following?" A girl with a think ponytail asks.

"I didn't know where music was, so I assumed we were going there." I start to look scared and puzzled because I am!

"Were bunking off school, Hermione!" Charlotte grins.

"So scram, you ugly hag!" Another girl snaps.

"No, no, Lola, let me handle this." Charlotte steps towards me. "Hermione, Hermione, Hermione, were bunking off school and I'm sure you're too shy to do so too, so go to music. It's next door to the building out form is in, ok?"
 "You'll get told off and the teacher will not mark you in the register." I point out.

"Duh, were coming back at the end of the lesson and make up an excuse like, I dunno, maybe we had rehearsals for a school production...we'll think of something when we get there.”  Charlotte looks irritated by my interrogation.

"We could have almost been there by now." A girl glares at me. I ignore her.

"Where are you going?" I seem to be so interested.

"We don't know, park? Shopping?" They give up and run off. I can see them in the distance. Charlotte twists her head back and shouts, "Don't snitch!"

I can't believe Charlotte could be like that. Charlotte, the one who I thought was geeky. I run through the entrance and find the building Charlotte told me, where music is.

I peek through all the doors, once I get into the building. I see my class sitting down, writing stuff down.

"Ahh, miss Jones, I've heard so much about you-not good things-but lots of stuff." She smiles, sweetly. "I'm Mrs Abbott and you're late."

She doesn't let me answer, "But I won't give you a detention considering you're new. Please sit next to Jack. She points to a boy picking his nose and then he...I close my eyes so I don't see what happens when I open my eyes again, whatever horrid thing that was on his finger is now gone. Gross!

I take the seat and smile at my teacher. When she turns around to get paper for me, I lean as far as possible from Jack.

Mrs Abbott comes back, "Hermione-right? I want you to write all the type of instruments and if you finish that, write all the music notes, if you know them! Ok?" She smiles and walks away.

Forty-five minutes past and I can't do my set task because I'm madly distracted by the fact that Charlotte could do such a thing.

It must be a coincidence because Charlotte and her friends walk in at that moment. I can tell Charlotte has her mobile hidden behind her back but the teacher is too clever to not notice.

"Girls, why are you late? Very late?" Mrs Abbott demands. "We had a- rehearsal." The girl with a ponytail says.

"What is you rehearsal on?"

"It was on Annie-No, Hairspray!" Charlotte chips in.

"Oh yeah, what's that behind you then?" Mrs Abbott takes away her phone, "Get it back at break."

When the bell rings, everyone departs from the class. Charlotte catches my arm, "Hermione, you didn't snitch did you?"

I shake my head, wishing I had snitched. "Please let me go," I beg.

"Please come with me to get my phone. Please."

"Mrs Abbott said at break. We have one more lesson you know," I snap, reasoning with her.

"I saw Mrs Abbott go to put it away. It's probably in the staff room already. It won’t take a minute-it won’t take long. Please!"

I agree, beaten by her constant begging.


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