Unspoken Love

Harry and his friends stays in Japan due to their manager. They go to a new school and create bonds with the new friends they meet. Harry finds himself developing feelings to someone who doesn't even like him. Will their relationship work? Read to find out!


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Suddenly  a red head walked out of the headteacher's office and stood between the enraged women and One Direction, catching the female's fist in one hand and stopping the other. "What the hell you brat?" Yelled the enraged headteacher, her brown eyes lit with fiery. "What do you think?" the red head answered with a huff and released her fists. A black haired lady, no older than 24 ran out of the same broken office and stood beside the still mad headteacher. Perhaps she was her apprentice. Closing her eyes, the blond started to calm down. Opening her eyes, she poked the red head non too gently saying. "That's double detention for you young lady." before going on her way with the black haired apprentice by her side.

The red head lady turned around towards the boys who were staring at her with a confused and slightly impressed look on their faces. Finally taking in the girl's appearance, they noted that she had bright crimson eyes. She wore a dark grey coloured vest with a waist lenght black sleeveless cloak covering it. She wore a pleated skirt, colour that matched her eyes with golden chains wrapped around loosely around it acting as a belt. With her outfit, she wore a pair of knee length boots coloured black with golden soles.

There was an awkward silence. Louis, being the brave one in the group tried to start a conversation. "Well, thank you for...that. Why was she mad anyways? Nevermind. Let us introduce ourselves first. I'm Louis Tomlinson." "Hello, I'm Zayn Malik nice to meet you." Zayn stepped forward and said with a friendly smile. "I'm Liam Payne." "And I'm Niall! Niall Horan. What you did back there was so cool!" he yelled. The red head nodded, "I'm Etsuko. Etsuko Akatsuna. Who's that guy?" She asked indifferently pointing her finger at Harry. The others turns to Harry wondering why he didn't introduce himself when he is usually the first one to do so. Snapping his fingers trying to snap him out of his daydream, failing, Niall answered for him. "Umm well he's Harry Styles. And before you ask, we have no idea why he's spacing out like that. He has never done that before."

"Whatever." concluded Etsuko as she walked away to her class leaving the boys standing there. "Well, we'll see you later! Right?" yelled Niall. After receiving no reply, he turned back to Harry who was still staring at the spot Etsuko had been. Louis, in an attempt to snap Harry out, he slapped him on the cheek successfully waking him up to reality. Giving him no chance to ask what happened or why he had slapped him, he asked the question that had been on everyones mind since Etsuko had appeared.

"Why were you staring at Etsuko none stop?"

A/N-Well I'm pretty sure you know the answers to that. Finally updated this. Well, gotta continue my drawing! Ja ne! Etsuko~

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