Unspoken Love

Harry and his friends stays in Japan due to their manager. They go to a new school and create bonds with the new friends they meet. Harry finds himself developing feelings to someone who doesn't even like him. Will their relationship work? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

As they walked through the front of the school, what they saw was truly breathtaking. The grass were forever green and the pond were crystal blue. They soon discovered a small waterfall at the back of the school yard, hidden by the long leaves of wo bent over trees. A big sakura tree sat just a few meters away from the waterfall with many types of flowers surrounding it. Everything was silent and calm here. The trees swayed gently in the wind and flower petals were scattered around the ground and air. Getting lost track of time, they stared to uncover more secrets of their new school. They found a bench swing just underneath the sakura tree with a small circular glass table on the right side of it. It was an amazing sight for them as they had never experienced this kind of comfortable silence and relasation.


Finally deciding to leave, they open thedouble doors of the school and stepped in to find the headteacher. They passed several boys playing football and a couple of girls who were giggling and sparing glances at the boys. Harry caught some words, "New boys...Cute...Blond...and curly...hair"


The boys walked towards what they guessed was the head teacher's office. They stopped infront of a door with the letters headteacher in bold letter. Unerneath was what they guessed the name. Shinju Tsunami. They involantarily stepped back as they heard shouting and crashes inside, "Being the brave one here, i will open the door..." Louis trailed off. He stepped forward and reached for the door knob. Before he even held contact with it, it turned, and the door opened. They feared for their lives as the door more like slammed open from the inside that almost caused it to fall off its hindges.


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