Lion-Hearted girl

Natasha was brave muggle born witch ....Join her in a epic battle between Voldemort Sister (Theodora Riddle) and herself....


5. Posion

''Listen grandma didn't die because of heart attack, she was killed by Voldemort sister Theodora Riddle, also known as Lady of Death.''
''But why she did that?'' -I said with tears in my eyes
''She wanted her ring.......''
''What's the big deal with that ring? She always said that when she dies it will be mine....''
''With that ring you can make whatever spell you want,you can become immortal,you can bring dead people to life...''
''So what is Theodora trying to do with that ring?Bring Voldemort back to life?''
''No even worst. She's going to bring Saltazar Slytherin back. But only people which owner has given ring to can control ring and that means you...''
Suddenly I felt strong pain in my chest,then I felt like I have stone in my throat, I was struggling for air.
''PETER!!!'' -Filip shouted
Peter came down the stairs.
''Quick we must take her to madam Pomphray she can't breath!'' _ said Filip
Peter cared me all the way to a hospital wing. He put me into bed and then I passed out. I
woke up a week later and Peter was there sitting next to my bed. He said that I was poisoned and that Josh poisoned me.
''That potion is deathly ''-said madam Pomfray
She didn't know who did this to me....
''Peter dear you should go rest you have been here whole week''
''Oh no madam I'm fine''
''You should go rest I'm in good hands now'' -I said
When he left I asked madam:
'' He has been here for a whole week?!''
''Yes. He even denied to go on classes he was afraid that something might happen to you. I don't know what is happening between you two but he might be the nicest friend you'll ever have or he might be in serious love with you.You seem fine you can go now dear''
Natasha Wizdilson sounds good to me.I left hospital wing and I head to Gryffindors common room and guess who I saw on my way there? Josh... Bloody idiot. So I followed him to third floor. I took my want pointed at him and I said :

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