Lion-Hearted girl

Natasha was brave muggle born witch ....Join her in a epic battle between Voldemort Sister (Theodora Riddle) and herself....


2. I'm a freaking witch ??!!!!!

So here I am now chillin' doing nothin' summer vacation is almost over ,and then high school days will come....... I was never interested in school it sucks....But Hogwarts...well I always felt that I belong in that kind of school.... I heard ringing on my door ,so I opened door and look at that it was our mail man!! He was really nice man,little old but nice...

"Hey Tash" -he said

"Well hello Rade" - I said that so happy

"I got a special letter for you "

"For me?! Are you sure??"

"Yes,here you go." - he gave me the letter and while I was starin' at the letter Rade dissaperied... I rushed in my room and I opened it, I didn't pay attention on envelope. I started reading it.... "Dear Ms. Natasha you have been accepted to Hogwarts....blah ..blah...blah get books get clothes ...blah...blah..blah we'l be expecting you owl until 1st of september ,your Headmaster Minerva McGonagall."

I AM A FREAKING WITCH??!!!!!! Then I started thinking an owl WTH?! Where would I found a magical owl which knows way to Hogwarts? And I cannot afford travel to London... So I decided that I should just give up,even if I'm not that kind of girl who gives up ,but I had too.... I was thinking about it whoooole day... I was tired so I decided that I should go to sleep. I started dreaming 'bout Hogwarts (what a suprise ) ..... I have to admit Hogwarts is on my mind more than in my dreams... It was almost midnight. I heard knocking on my door. I though I was dreaming but those knocking were getting louder and louder... My parents and my older sister woke up.

"I'll get it" - I said

I opened a door and first thing I saw was big stomach. It was twice as big as my dads stomach!! I slowly moved my hair upwards and there I saw it....big hair,brown eyes,long thick beard.... It was Hagrid!!

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