Lion-Hearted girl

Natasha was brave muggle born witch ....Join her in a epic battle between Voldemort Sister (Theodora Riddle) and herself....


3. ~Amortentia

"Hagrid!!" -my dad shouted "Come in !"

My dad taked him into our living room....

"Hello Hagrid,would you like a cup of tea?" -my mom asked

"Of course Maria! Your tea is like a heaven."

I was shocked! How do they know Hagrid? Why is he here? Well I knew answer to that question. I was sure that I would go with him to Hogwarts.

"Dad!! How do you know him?!" - I asked angrily

"Well my dear, my brother is a wizard, so your aunt is a witch and so are your cousins......"

"Dan and Anna ? But how?!!"

"Your grandma Elena was a witch and your grandpa was a muggle so I'm like my father and your uncle is like our mother.I though you're muggle too but seems like you aren't" -dad said

"Well then go and pack your things and we shall go to Hogwarts"- Hagrid said

I went to my room packed my favorite outfits,of course my art supplies which I cannot forget ,and my spell book. It wasn't a real spell book I gathered spells from Harry Potter movies and books and I wrote them in my notebook so I could practise it with my fake wand I made.... Then I went to living room and said:

"I'm ready"

Hagrid took his umbrella which was not meant to use on rainy days inside it was hidden wand.

"Before we go we must do something with your back." - He said

He waved his wand and my back......... THEY WERE STRAIGHT AGAIN!!!!!! I was so HAPPY! I hugged my family and said goodbye. I saw tears in my sister eyes .I'm gonna miss her the most... But what you gotta do you gotta do folks .

Hagrid waved his wand again and we were in some weird street full of weird people.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley" - Hagrid said

"Woah this thing blow my mind! Wait a second D..... WHAT?"

I don't know why but word "Diagon" I could never pronounce......

And then I saw my uncle,aunt and my cousins.

"Natasha! My dear,I'm so glad you're here!!!! "- my aunt said.

My aunt looked like Ron Weasley mother,except she had long straight blonde hair....

"NAAATAAASHAAAAA"-Anna screamed and hugged me so tight that I couldn't breath...

"Oh-Oh" I tried to run away but I couldn't. She was kinda annoying,she was 13 years old and she looked like she was 8.Not only that she looked she was acting like she was 8. I was 2 heads taller than her.

"Nice to see you too Anna.....Ummmm I can't breath" - I was fighting for air

"Sorry"- she said

"Hey cous'  " my bro Dan said and hugged me.

Dan was cool guy,he had rock n' roll hairstyle ,he was 17 years old and I was taller than him too about 2 inches...

"Hey bro" I always wanted brother and he was my bro...actually he was my only male cousin I know.

"Uncle Ned"- I hugged him

"Hi Tash"- He said

"Alright then, enough hugging let's go we must get you and Ann stuff for school, she is going to 1st grade too" - aunt said

Then she came close to me and while we were walking to uniform shop she told me:

"Sweethear normally 15 years old kids go to fourth year so your schedule would be rushed you'll have to learn three grades in short amount of time"

"Okay ....I'm sure I'll learn everything perfectly..."- I said

So we bought everything ,including cute white owl,and then we rushed to Hogwarts


My cousins,and I get into that train we get into cabin which was empty.I have to admit train was full we were lucky finding that empty cabin. Then we waved to people outside,and that's when my journey to Hogwarts started.

We were talking and suddenly we were interrupted by some cute 15 years old boy.

"Hey Danny!" - he said

"Hey Pet"-my cous' said

"Can I stay here with you guys,everything else is full"

"Sure bro' "

Ahh that boy looked like an angel. He had eyes blue as ocean ,and brown hair like Andrew Garfield.

"This is my cousin Natasha,artist and comedian girl I've been talking you 'bout"- Dan said...

"Tash this is my best friend Pe........"- he wanted to introduce him but P. interrupted him

"Peter Wizdilson nice to meet you"-we shaked our hands

"N....N....Nice to meet you too"-I said

There was doubt I fall in love with him as soon as he opened that door of cabin.

We started talking and I....Well I just couldn't take my look from his goeurgeus eyes,and I couldn't hear anything he said I was too busy watching him.. Ahhhhh.  I was not that type of girl who shows her emotions I was cold blooded ....

"Oh we're almost there,we should wear our uniforms!"-Dan said

"  'kay but you two boys must get out,'cause we girls need privacy"-I said with big smile on my face

We stopped at Hogsmeade Station......and that's where my new life beggined.


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