Lion-Hearted girl

Natasha was brave muggle born witch ....Join her in a epic battle between Voldemort Sister (Theodora Riddle) and herself....


4. Abracadabra Hogwarts

So I liked my uniform,but that shoes!! Oh GOD that shoes I would never EVER wear them!!!!! So I decided to wear my red converse sneakers....YOLO We followed Hagrid to some lake and across the lake was a big ,no wait a GIANT castle!!!

"Alright then,get into the boats." - Hagrid said

"Boat?! I ain't gonna sit in that boat!! What if it turns around and I finishin water full of wird hungry crea............WOAH!!" - Anna pulled me into first boat she had seen.

"Damn Ann,don't do that again!!!"

Boats started going to the castles by them selves!!!!! How crazy is that?! We get into the Hogwarts through some big door and then we followed Hagrid to The Great Hall and all other students were there sitting.... We stopped infront of some small chair with that old hat on top.

"Oh no, it's that old singing hat with terrible voice." - I said

"Are you saying that I have terrible voice?" -hat said angrily....

"Me?! No I wouldn't dare"

"Listen everyone! Welcome to Hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft. Now this is sorting hat. When I call your name you will sit here and then I will put hat on your head." +said Headmaster MacGonagall

First she called Ann. She was sorted in Gryffindor , I was suprised I though she's gonna be with Puffies. Then it was my turn. I didn't wanted to be with that evil snakes or with that raven,especially with that puffies...Gryffindor is where I belonged.

"Mhm,mhm......... I see............ You have lion heart I must admit. You're very brave,very loyal.Actually you remind me of someone Godric Gryffindor I you lived back in that times I would though that you were his daughter. There's no doubt.... GRYFFINDOR!!" I heard loud applause from Gryffindors.... I sat next to Pet (<3) and Dan.I started thinking aboutwhat he  said to me.I remind him off Godric Gryffindor HOW COOL IS THAT?!

When sorting was finished infront of us food appeared. I was so hungry ,so I started eating like an animal. Not very attractive I can say,but hey I wasn't the only one......I think.

So I was eating ,and eating....and guess what I did next? MORE EATING!

"Well,look at that.....Hey Natasha" - I turned around and I saw my ex. Josh -.-" *AWKWARD*

Stefan and I were in relationship for like 3 days....He was soooooo annoying ,and he was like choking me....Literally "choking"..... He kissed me every single damn second! I hate annoying people!!!!!! Then I had a break down I said that I need some space,and he was like oh you need space? Fine you have whole world now.... We break up.... I'm so happy I get rid off him like dude you're annoying le' me spell that A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G !

He leaned towards me ,and he whispered in my ear

"Don't you think I forgot what have you done.You'll pay for it." - then he walked away

As he was walking away I saw his tie,he was in SLYTHERIN!!!!!!! Unbelievible he still blame me for his mistakes.........

"THAT EVIL SON OF......... WHO HE THINKS HE IS?!!!!!!!!"-I started yelling that everyone turned around.. What can I say he pissed me off!!!

"WOAH! Just chill Tash,If he touch you I'll kill him" - said Dan

"Make that double kill"- said Peter

I was trying to stay cool but inside I felt happy.. I was happy because there is actually someone who cares about me,someone who will protect me....Because believe me I really needed protection.

When feast was over we had to follow our prefects to our common rooms. Luckily Dan was our prefect.

Gryffindor room was so freaking AWESOME! It blows your mind like BAM! So I rushed in girls room to take my PJ and I went to bathroom to shower,because I was so smellly....smellier than that ugly cheese I once ate....When I came downstairs nobody was there except Dan. He was staring at fireplace ,and thinking..... I saw anger,and sadness in his eyes.I knew something was wrong...........

"Fil are you okay?"

"Yes...........just..............actually no.......... Look,I really need to tell you truth."



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