Covenant (Caleb's Story)

Caleb Prior has been promised a very tempting deal from the malignant Erudite leader, Jeanine Matthews. To betray his own sister, it must have been extremely persuading.


1. Trepidation

I'd been in erudite headquarters for a few weeks now, and I can physically smell the fear inflicted by Jeanine Matthews onto the other initiates. That is, on the rarity that we saw her. She lurked among the headquarters, only between her living quarters and her office though, as all she seemed to do was work all day. (Or plotting something, as many suspected.) But, I respect her and what she does. Scratch that, I adore her. A beautiful woman, who served Erudite day and night to make sure there was not a single flaw in any part of the Faction.  She was so perplexing, yet always so sure of herself. It was mesmerizing.

"Caleb? CALEB?!" Claire shouted from the top of the stairs. "Jeanine called you to her office."

I jolted upright from the chair in which I was finishing my exam revision booklet, and tried to comprehend the situation. Something was most definitely wrong. No one, and I mean no one, ever sets foot in Jeanine's office. Unless, that is, I was in big trouble, or being kicked out of Erudite, or committed I crime I don't remember committing. I didn't even know what to think anymore.

I began my fast-paced walk up the stairs and along the navy blue corridor, paying extra attention not to get lost in such a complex part of the headquarters. Hundreds of corridors and turnings, that all looked the same, might I add, but ended up in completely different areas. If you are on your way to a research classroom, you might just end up in the weapons lab.

Before I entered the pale blue painted door, I came to a halt and sighed. Then continued my direction into the Erudite leader's office.

"Hello Caleb." She said.

"Jeanine." I replied.

"Should I skip the pathetic introduction and just get straight to the point?" She asked.

I opened my mouth to ask what was going on, but was quickly interrupted.

"You see, Mr Prior, your sister has been causing quite a havoc lately. Not that it's anything to do with her being in Dauntless, that is the very least I would expect from such a reckless and dysfunctional faction as theirs." She added. "But, she is threatening to corrupt our system, the very one that sustains life here in the factions."

"The system?"

"Yes, the factions as we know it, are in a very dangerous situation right now. And so is Beartrice." She continues.

"B-but, she's just 16. What could my sister have done that affects the city so badly?" I stuttered, something about Jeanine makes me so nervous, but in a good way. Yet, I think she can tell that by the slight smirk on her face as my eyes wandered to her slender legs.

"Mr Prior, I realize the obscenity of this garment, but please focus on the situation at stake." She stated sternly as she proceeded the conversation, but still kept a glint in her eye that gave me all the wrong signals.

"It's not what she's done, but rather what' she's doing. And the possibilities of what she could do if we don't handle this situation as efficiently and as quickly as possible." I didn't what to know what she meant by handle, but I distressed that she was implying death. "Beartrice Prior is very different from us, but their are others like her. They call it Divergent, those who are genetically pure. Those who don't belong in any one faction. Those who don't belong here." Jeanine said. 

By here, I assume that Jeanine didn't just mean Erudite. The look on her face gave me the impression that she meant the very face of the earth. I just hope she wouldn't take any action regarding that kind of thinking.

"You're not saying very much, Caleb."

"N-no, I'm not. B-but what do you want me for? How does not having just one suitable faction make my sister a threat to the city?" I asked. Finding it difficult to speak both from shock and the chill running through the room.

"There are reasons why the factions were formed years ago, and I'm not going to let a bunch of Divergents screw it up! It's her and the Divergents, or the factions!" She shouted.

She was going to kill Beartrice, I had to get out of here and get to my sister before Jeanine did. Before it was too late. I sprinted towards the door as I watched it slide shut in front of my very eyes by the fairly large and metal security system that I should have noticed when I came into this hell hole.

I turned back round to Jeanine, she certainly wasn't as attractive as she was before. Now all I could see was a lust for death, destruction and power radiating from her malicious grin. Not lust for me.

"W-why do you need me? Of all people, why confide in me when you're telling me upfront you're going to kill my own sister?!" I yelled.

"Because. It will break her." Jeanine said. "And to be killed by your own blood, wouldn't just break her. It would make her shatter."

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