Fresh start New Life New School New Me.

This fanfic is about a girl named Allison she just moved from Australia to start her new life because she regrets what she did in Australia. And she doesnt plan to tell anyone what happened there. Does she tell anyone? Because i thought best friends share everything? Allison meets the most popular guy in the school. Justin Bieber.... Read this fanfic to find out what happens.


3. Where The Heck Am I !?!

Allisons P.O.V 

Allison: where the heck are we going !

Man: somewhere ! No one will ever find you.

I was scared i didnt know what to do i cant escape. Im blindfolded i cant see. The only thing i could possibly even do was talk and scream and thats not going to help because im in a friggen car! What am i even going to do. And he said that he was taking me to a place that nobody will ever find me... Shit... I dont even know who would even come after me. I dont think Justin would. We only just met. I forgot to mention this guy has also tied my hands up so i cant do anything there. I try to start moving my hands out of the rope but its really tight, i felt this piece of loose piece of thread and i start pulling at it.


Man: What do you think you are doing.

Allison: Nothing. How could i im tied up... 

Man: I can see you moving back there. STOP MOVING !! 

Allison: Well i can see someones stubborn. 

Man: Don't treat me like you did Justin this Morning.

Allison: Wait How do you know about that !! 

Man: Things do get around ya know. Now shut up!


Im starting to think that its someone from school. How would he know. What the fuck is even happening. I felt the car stop.. Oh crap. I think we are here. 


Man: We are here stay there dont do anything.

Allison: yeah whatever like id listen to you. Someone will come for me !! 

Man: Yeah like anyone would your a piece of trash. Justin doesnt even like you. 

Allison: How would you know.


I heard foot steps walking away from the car. I guess he is gone for now. I try pulling at the loose thread again, but the rope gets tighter. Great now it feels like im going to loose circulation. I hear foot steps coming back to the car. And then my door opened. And he has grabbed me by the throat and pulled me out of the car. He then pretty much dragged me by my hair into this place and tied me to a bed. he took the blindfold off me and i saw this place. It was disgusting. I hope someone comes for me soon. 


Allison: Uhm excuse me... I need food, and i drink.

Man: All in good time.

Allison: Yeah well good time isnt enough is it. Im Hungry and thirsty right now!

Man: Okay, okay ill let you eat...


He walks off and he gets me something to eat and drink. When he returns he gives me a slice of bread. and a glass of water he left me with one hand so i can still eat. and drink.


Man: Enjoy because thats all youll be getting for a while.. 

Allison: Yup okay whatever. 


He walks off again and he is gone for a while. This gives me sometime to think. How am i going to get out. I see his keys hanging in the doorway. So i have something to travel with now i just need a plan to get out of here... Great i here him coming back.. Pretend that your asleep. i lay down and close my eyes. 


Man: Greeaat the sluts asleep.. Oh well i guess we will have to do it while shes asleep man. 

Other guy: Yeah she'll wake up.


I have no idea what these to guys are talking about. I'm scared. What are they going to do to me. 


Man: Do you want to go first or shall i do the honors?

Other guy: You can man you got her.

Man: Okay.


I open one of my eyes slightly to see what they were doing. They both were wearing black hoodies and black pants. I saw this guy undoing his belt and i start getting more scared. He comes over to me and he starts pulling down my pants and i show that i am awake. And i struggle to get him to stop but he says if you struggle ill kill you. he takes my pants off fully. And then he rapes me. Then he lets his friend do it. Im crying so much. I dont even know what to do. I think i should just die. Then i hear a car door slam outside and they run. I hear Justins voice calling "RYAN, CHAZ I NEED YOUR HELP SOMEONE TOOK ALLISON!!" Justin runs in and stares at me. 

Thank you for reading chapter 3. Keep reading for what happens next  <3 

Sammiebieber <3

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