Fresh start New Life New School New Me.

This fanfic is about a girl named Allison she just moved from Australia to start her new life because she regrets what she did in Australia. And she doesnt plan to tell anyone what happened there. Does she tell anyone? Because i thought best friends share everything? Allison meets the most popular guy in the school. Justin Bieber.... Read this fanfic to find out what happens.


2. 'OR ELSE!'

Justin's P.O.V

Justin: Excuse me I run this school now stand up.. OR ELSE!

I actually wasn't going to do anything it was just to make me look more tough I'm actually not that kind of person. I actually hate being the bully of the school that's what people like about me. But that's the only way I can keep my popularity. I hate it.

Allison: or else what huh !

Allison's P.O.V

Allison: or else what huh !

Justin: or else your never ever gonna have a freakin good life here in canada

I stand up because I really do want my life here in canada to be good. It hasn't really been a good start but things can change.

Justin: that's a good girl.

Allison: so what exactly do you want.

Justin: I want you too come to my house after school.

Allison: uhm okay.

Justin walks off and I kept thinking wtf what does he think is going to happen while I'm there. He ain't touching me. And if he thinks any different then he can go die!

Ariel: uhm wtf does he want from you !!

Allison: you can ask me that again. I honestly don't know. But if he thinks that I'm ever gonna like him then he can stuff that up him perfect ass.

Ariel: uhm I think his cuteness Is getting to you Allison you just said his ass was perfect.

Allison: omg I did. What has gotten into me.

Ariel: idk but we gotta go to our next class.

Allison: okay.

*after school*

Ariel: are you really going to go!

Allison: well I mean yeah uhm I really want to know what he wants and come on his house is just over there maybe stay here?

Ariel: I can't babe I have to get home or mum will yell.

Allison: okay babe I'll see you tomorrow yeah?

Ariel: yeah sure babe.

I walk over to Justin's house I don't even know how I know where he lives. I walk up to his door and I knock and he answers straight away. He must've been waiting. He tells me to come in. I walk into his house and he like orders me to go into the lounge room and sit down on a specific couch. This is weird.

Justin: hey.

Allison: hey.

Justin: I've gotta tell you something.

Allison: yes what is it ?

Justin: well I like you a lot. The only reason I teased you is because if I didn't it would be bad for my reputation. But now I know that you can stick up for yourself. It's made me realize I would do anything for you Allison.

Allison: well that was unexpected.

Justin: yeah I know. I'm sorry

Allison: you can't just expect me to forgive you like that can you ! You hurt me and I don't even really no you. And even if I do end up forgiving you and giving you a chance. I am already getting this one girl telling me that your hers she came up to me this morning and said it too me.

Justin: uhm okay. I'm single haha.

Allison: that still doesn't change anything. And you better not just claim myself your all of a sudden because if I find out that you have then omg.

Justin: I won't but I'm not gonna be myself and not this stuck up cool dude until you go out with me.

Allison: well as long as it's not hurtful to anyone sure

Justin: well everything is hurtful Allison. You know that

Allison: well then change now Then you might get a chance. Ever think of that.

I stand up and I start walking out of the room heading to the door. But I feel someone coming up behind me. I turn around thinking it's Justin but it's not. It's this guy in black pants and a black hood. Then I thought holy shit I never closed the front door. What the heck is this person doing !!! I'm scared to run because if I run he will run and I know ill trip over something. I try screaming but I can't because all of a sudden his hands on my mouth. I can't make a sound and This guy whispers in my ear "try and make a sound and I will kill you" I'm totally freaking out I don't know what to do, my neck hurts because he is dragging me outside by my head and all of a sudden I see a car with very tinted windows and I get put in it and tied to the seats. And just before this person blind folded me I hear justin scream out ALLISON WHERE ARE YOU. Then I see him see the car and he tries running after it and then this person puts the blindfold on and then hops in the car and speeds off!

Allison: where the heck are we going !

Man: somewhere ! No one will ever find you.

Thank you for reading chapter 2. I hope you are enjoying this fanfic so far. Keep reading to see what happens to Allison and see where this man is taking her. What will happen to her. Find out in chapter 3. Until next time


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