Fresh start New Life New School New Me.

This fanfic is about a girl named Allison she just moved from Australia to start her new life because she regrets what she did in Australia. And she doesnt plan to tell anyone what happened there. Does she tell anyone? Because i thought best friends share everything? Allison meets the most popular guy in the school. Justin Bieber.... Read this fanfic to find out what happens.


1. Fresh start.

Allisons P.O.V 

Hey guys im Allison I used to live in australia until i moved here, I did something that i shouldnt have done in australia and i needs a fresh start where people wouldnt know what i have done. I'm hoping that noone does find out because if someone does im stuffed. I dont want to be back in that same position again. But anyway, i start at my new school tomorrow im excited. Hopefully ill make a friend at least. Im starting half way through the school year but oh well. Well i guess i better get some sleep or i will never be able to make friends with big black circles under my eyes. Night x.


Allison wakes up in the morning 

OMG its D day school today i cant believe the day has come ! Its time to start my new life and not worry about what happened in australia. FINALLY. My mum starts walking up the stairs too my room so i quickly got up and opened my bedroom door. 

Mum: Oh your up already you must be excited you've never gotten up this early unless i force ably woke you up. 

Allison: Yeah mum im excited i finally get to start my new life. 

Mum: True darling very true. I'm glad i agreed for us too move here i think we are settled in quite nicely. Everything is going according to plan.

Allison: Yeah mum i know its the best feeling! Okay you better go i gotta get ready its different being at a no uniform school. Considering thats all ive ever been too.

Mum: Okay darling. Dont be too long. 


Mum leaves the room and i immediately go to my closet and try and find the prettiest clothes that i have. I pull out a green button up top collard and this has got to be my favorite shirt. I grab my white fluffy jacket because its cold out. And i grab a pair of my black long tights. With a pair of my black and gold high top supras. I go to my en-suite and i grab my hair straightener out and also my makeup. i tie my hair up in a messy ponytail so i can do my makeup. I want to look my best for the first day. First impression is the most that counts. my makeup consists of a little bit of foundation eyeliner, mascara, smokey eye shadow and lipgloss, simple but effective. I take my hair down and now my hair straightener has heated up, i straighten my hair and im ready to go. I grab my school bag and i head downstairs. I said goodbye too mum and I was on my way to school. 


*20 minutes later*

Okay im at school now. Okay this is scary, its so different to what i normally have. This will take some time to get used too. I look over on the basketball courts and i see these three boys, the guy that is continuously shooting hoops is really hot. Then i feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around.


Girl: Uhm hey are you new?

Allison: Hey yeah im new im Allison nice to meet you.

Girl: Okay well Id thought i should tell you, that guy over there, His name is Justin, Justin Bieber. Most popular guy in the school along with Chaz and ryan. And another thing is Justin is mine. So stop looking. 

Allison: Uhm okay sorry. Didnt mean any harm. 

Maybe it wasnt nice meeting her. She seems like a total Bitch. I hopefully wont have to handle with her in my classes. I hear the bell ring and i start walking inside, okay maybe this isnt as great as i thought it would be, i feel very lonely and left out, i keep telling myself that im the new girl its normal to feel that way but it doesnt feel right. Oh well, i head to the head office to find out where my locker is. They tell me its number 143 i walk down the corridor until i find my locker. Oh no its Justin, Justin Bieber. His locker is next to mine, Oh great. I walk up to my locker and i sneak a glimpse of Justin, and OMG he is sexier than i thought !! He turns to me.


Justin: Hey new girl. 

Allison: Hey.

Justin: Your name?

Allison: Allison.

Justin: HAHA look at your face your make up smudged. HAHAH 

Everyone: *laughs* 

Allison: Haha, very funny.

Justin: oooow, Feisty now are we. I like feisty.

Allison: Yeah well sorry i dont like assholes like you.


I walk off, great what a great way to start off at a new school. Now im going to be hated by everyone and everything. I walk into my roll marking class and the teacher says everyone welcome summer. Thank you i say. And i take my seat. Once everyone had been marked off we were dismissed and i looked at the sheet of paper i was given with all my classes that i had for today on it. First class Chemistry, okay a class i like, maybe ill make a friend here. I walk into Chemistry and I see the person i dreaded the most being there the girl that i saw this morning. Great just great. 
I sit down next too this girl and i heard her whisper something.


Allison: sorry what was that?

Girl: You have some nerve speaking to Justin like that, i'm Ariel by the way.

Allison: He had no right to treat me like that and I stuck up for myself, and nice to meet you i'm Allison as you may no considering he teased me about my makeup this morning. 

Ariel: Yeah, i didnt like the way he treated you either. Anyway show me you classes.

I hand her the sheet i was given. 

Ariel: OMG yes, we've got all classes together

Allison: We do yay, friends?

Ariel: Yeah for sure!


Chemistry finished and we had a lunch break, i sat with Ariel after we had gotten stuff to eat.


Ariel: So how do you like it here.

Allison: Well its different i like it but like i moved from australia. Where we all had to wear uniforms and we all had dress codes and stuff like that. Its better here. 

Ariel: WHAT?! you had to wear a uniform ew that would suck ! 

Allison: Yeah it did ! OMG are you serious Justins coming over. I dont want to talk to that asshole. 


Justin comes over and he stood right in front of me.


Allison: Do you have a problem?

Justin: Yes, and its you, stand up. I wanna talk. 


Ryan and Chaz come up behind him and say 'We gotcha bro' he replies 'thanks bro' 


Allison: I dont have to do anything you say now leave.

Justin: Excuse me i run this school now stand up.. OR ELSE! 


Keep reading to find out what Justin wants to say, and what does he mean by 'OR ELSE'... 

Thank you for reading chapter 1 of 'Fresh Start New Life New School New Me.' If you enjoyed chapter 1 be sure to keep reading to find out more.


Thank you guys 
<3 Sammiebieber <3


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