Never ending

Tannika Brown is a normal teenager living a normal live besides the fact that she is Louis Tomlinsons cousin, living in her home town Doncaster her life becomes very complicated with relationships and the word love getting thrown around, will she fall for of of the members or maybe an drum player?


1. Tannika Brown

Hey my name is Tannika Brown and I live in Doncaster Uk. Before you go on be like OMG LOUIS IS FROM DONCASTER! I know that of course I know where my cousin lives! Yes you all heard me right hes ma cuzz! Aha anyway back to MY story over, I am 5”8 feet tall and an average build J I’m 17 turning 18 in a month 3 days and 17 hours! I’m so keen!!  I have dark brown to black hair and I have a normal face I guess? I think thats all you need to know for now, bye bebs xoxo gossip goat ahaha


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