Never ending

Tannika Brown is a normal teenager living a normal live besides the fact that she is Louis Tomlinsons cousin, living in her home town Doncaster her life becomes very complicated with relationships and the word love getting thrown around, will she fall for of of the members or maybe an drum player?


4. meeting the boys

Meeting the boys

Tannikas P.O.V

As I hope out of Louis’s flashy car I stumble and fall hurting my ankle “OW!” I yelp as Louis runs over to help me. “You okay snotface” he asks “Yeah fine” I replied with tears brimming my eyes, I have never had anything hurt this bad before I look down and its instantly swollen and bruised, “you don’t look okay” he states looking at my ankle, “I told you I’m fine “I say whimpering with every step I take” Okay I’m not fine Louis, Help me inside yeah? As he puts his arm around me we walk inside looking like conjoined twins or something.

As I get inside I can hear the boys blasting there music and I see Niall on the counter with no shirt on eating doritos and salsa. As if he could red my bewildered look he says “it’s so I don’t get salsa on my shirt” “smart one “Louis replies laughing. “What happened?” Niall asked pointing at my ankle, “she got into a fight with a bunch of the mafia it was me and her against at least 15 of them just as thought they were going to win Tannikas here fly kicked them hurting her ankle in the process killing them all instantly” Louis says joking around, I gave him a weird look I just couldn’t understand how he came up with that story so quickly and easily, “ No actually I fell out of his car in a ditch and hurt it, But his story is cooler so let’s go with that” I add, “ You might want to get that checked out “ he said.


Nialls P.O.V

As they walked in ,well in Tannikas case hopped in, I could tell that she meant so much to lou, they was no way he would let anyone hurt her, except herself in this case.  As she gives me a weird look for eating doritos and salsa with no shirt on I tell her “It’s so I don’t get salsa on my shirt” “Smart one” Lou replied, As Louis is telling me the story of how Tannika got hurt I can tell that she adores him and in her beautiful blue eyes I think I felt butterflies

Louis P.O.V

“HARRYYYYY,LIAAAMMMM,ZAYYYN COME MEET TANNIKA”I bellowed out to the boys, A few seconds later I could hear the boys falling over each other to get down stairs, let’s just say that they have been pretty excited to meet Tannika. Harry came down first followed by Zayn and then finally Liam, I could tell by the look on Tannikas face that she was perving on Zayn. “Zayns pretty attractive hey, too bad he has a girlfriend” I whispered in Tannikas ear, she turned a bright shade of red and was denying even looking at Zayn. But I wasn’t convinced

Tannikas P.O.V

I wasn’t even perving on Zayn I swear! Okay maybe a little but he’s sooo fecking hot! I mean honestly how do people even get made that sexy.”Hi im harry” Harry shakes and then kisses my hand, Sorry harry but I have heard about your ways and im not falling for it, even though your gorgeous.”Nice to meet your harry I’m Tannika” I reply simply “howdy Im zayn” he says shaking my hand rather strongly  “ Hi tannika im za-, I mean Hey zayn Im tannika nice to meet you” I stuttered rather embarrassed with myself, “ you’ve already met niall haven’t you ?” Louis questioned, “well not properly” I say, I just wanted to talk to niall because the same with Zayn he just caught my eye instantly. Maybe it was because he wasn’t wearing a shirt who knows. Hes soo hawt though, must control urges to kiss him. “Hi Niall im Tannika it’s a pleasure meeting you “ I say, “No no the pleasure is all mine ‘ niall answers making my cheecks flush to a very deep red, “Hi tannika im thrillied I finally get to meet you Louis talks about you non stop” liam says whilst smiling, “Aw thank you liam, you sure do know how to flatter a girl.

Instantly after me introducing myself to everyone Niall takes me by the hand straight into the kitchen for some DnM’s

I have a feeling this is going to be the start of a great friendship.




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