Never ending

Tannika Brown is a normal teenager living a normal live besides the fact that she is Louis Tomlinsons cousin, living in her home town Doncaster her life becomes very complicated with relationships and the word love getting thrown around, will she fall for of of the members or maybe an drum player?


3. Louis William Tomlinson Long time no see

Tannikas p.o.v 

As mum pulls up into the drive way i dont even think i waited for her to stop the car, i was straight out and in the front door faster than you could say Louis Tomlinson. i throw my bag at the floor and run up to my room as fast as i can. 

Louis is at the top of the stairs waiting for me and i got so much momentum running up the stairs that i knocked us both over. He sits up rubbing his head "owwie" he whines. "owwie" i mock him, the look on his face after i mocked him meant i should get up and get up fast. I could see a smirk appearing on his face and before i know it hes on top of me and tickling me until i cant breathe. "lou- get-off" i say between laughs. He doesnt listen and keeps tickling me until im red in the face. As he gets off me he helps me up. "thanks lou" i say giving him a massive hug. "its all g" he replies. "so how long are you staying at doncaster for?" i ask hopefully. " A day" he replies sarcastically " for like 2 months snotface" he says stirring me up. "HEY! dont call me that" i say pretending to be hurt.



As we walk down the stairs i can see the happiness that I'm back,  It was so hard leaving her the first time i dont know how im going to cope leaving her in 2 months. We never spent more than 2 weeks away from each ohter and then all of a sudden i was expected to leave her for months on end!?

"Hey lou" she says "hmm" i replie "wheres the other boys?" she asks exictedly, "At ma house cuzz" i retort. "do you wanna meet them?" i ask her "yes omg!" she screams "well you cant" i replie in a serious tone. "why?" she adds sadly "im just kidding snot facee" i say nudging her shoulder. her face lifts again and then we say our quick goodbyes to Aunty Renee and were out the door. 

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