Never ending

Tannika Brown is a normal teenager living a normal live besides the fact that she is Louis Tomlinsons cousin, living in her home town Doncaster her life becomes very complicated with relationships and the word love getting thrown around, will she fall for of of the members or maybe an drum player?


2. First day of school

Tannikas p.o.v

-beep-beep-beep-  Rings my alarm, I sigh and slam my hand on the little button that gets that annoying ringing out of my burning ears. Why me? Ehhhhh. Do I have to say the words? First-day-of-school. Im thinking of excuses to get out of school, I like school I just like sleep better. Mum walks in ‘rise and shine snotface!! ‘ she yells at me just making my bad mood worse.'Mum get the fuck out!' i bellow at her feeling bad instantly. 'Why are you so shitty?' she asks obviously irritated that i yelled at her. 'Is it a boy?' she asks excited. ' Mum is it ever a boy?' i mumble. 'Pardon me but your gorgeous!' she says making me feel a little bit better. 'Tanks mum' i say but still in a mood that only louis could fix.

As if mum could read my mind mum says ' I'm going to give you the choice in whether you want to go to school today but Louis is coming back today and if you go to school it will make the dasy go faster. she leaves my room and in bout 3 minutes i have my favourite pair of skinnys,jumper and hightop converses on. As i walk downstairs i get a massive smell of eggs and instantly feel sick so i run back up to the bathroom and vomit i still fell sick so i vomit again and then i feel a little bit better, i brush my teeth and then run out the house with my bag and me still putting my earrings in.

as i walk over the hill towards the school i get butterflies in my stomach, Im nervous, I have changed abit since last year, my hair colour majorly and i got fitter, i dont know how people are going to react, D:

Science class:

"Everyone come in and get your books out!" My science teacher Mr Wilson says loudly making all the chatting in class silent. As always i sit up the back like a rebel ;). My best friend Meghan sits next to me and we get a note pad out on my phone and have a conversation that way, she also died her hair and got her tongue pierced.

All lesosn we just make a title page with is a little childish for senior students, but we dont complain. She types me a message saying " get a root yet?" I laugh and get weird looks from everybody else in the room. "Nup" i type back. She rolls her eyes and types back " People are going to think your frigid" "I dont care, I want to be in a committed relationship first, sorry for being a classy girl." I type back feeling almost as sassy as Louis, Thinking of him made me smile and instantly changed my mood."sorry for not being classy :\ " Meghan types back. "Its not that, i say, i know your not unclassical, its just that i felt annoyed about the subject" she deletes the notes and whispers "i know silly." the bell rings and i have a free period so does Meghan so we go up town and got star bucks and frozen yogurt, "i dont want to go back" meghan complains, " then dont" i say back and we just stay at the park for the rest of the day, I mean what did we miss out on? More colouring?

As Meghan and i walk back to school we just make it back i time for my mum to pick me up, (she picks me up the the afternoon) As i hope the car she has the biggest smile on her face, Louis is over, I dont think my mood could be ruined right now.

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