Black Moon

Its about werewolfs who gets in danger of being hunted in the East forest of Mystic Hills ...


1. The Beginning

John : What are you doing Mary ?

Mary : Something, and you will see !

John : HHHHHmmmmmmm

Mary : Its done ! John drink this !

John : Yeah, i don't wanna be poisoned.

Mary : Don't be silly like you always are . Just drink it ... PLEASE !

John : Ok OK !

John drinks it and starts Choking. He finds a little pain all over his body .

Mary : Perfect my turn !

Mary drinks it too and starts choking too and finds a lot of pain to so she gets 2 glasses of water and gives 1 to John and they both drink.

John : What did you put in that ?!

Mary : Onions , oranges , Cherrys , and wolfsbain ........ i think .

John : Oh , thanks !(sarcasim)

Mary : Your .... Welcome ?

Mom of John and Mary : Kids are you alright ? by the way its dinner time !

John : Mary next time im punching you .

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