All aboard the love boat

Tamika was probably the happiest girl in the world! she just turned 19, she had an amazing boyfriend and she was going on a cruise to the South Pacific for a could it get any better....

Ohh...well the day before the cruise that amazing boyfriend of hers.. he admitted to Tamika that he cheated on her...this cruise wasn't going to be as perfect as she hoped for

Will Tamika find her summer love onboard or will she sit there in misery missing all those little things ?


3. The first date of many

Tamikas POV

He must of thought I was one of the boys cause when he opened the door he said something about meeting somebody later..then he told me I looked beautiful, I could feel my cheeks becoming hot but I didn't want him to notice so I just giggled "Thankyou, you look amazing too, but I don't think you'll be allowed into any of the restaurants or night clubs with out a shirt on Harry" I joked "oh.yeah..ha. oops I'll go get changed" he seemed abut embarrassed but it didn't show if he was. He invited me in whilst he got changed, it was a bit awkward with him getting changed in the same room as my seeing as we only met that afternoon and now I'm sitting in a room with him whilst he strips in front of me, I think he caught me staring a few times cause he kept giving me that sexy little smirk of his. It took him about 15 minutes to decide what to wear, in the end he put the same pear of black skinny jeans on and a white v neck, I don't know how he manages to look so hot in anything he wears, wish it was that easy for me!

Harry's POV

"Ready, lets go" I said grabbing her hand as we rushed out the door as we were late for our plans "Harry, you never told we where we were going" she stated as we stood there in the elevator " I know, it's a surprise, a first impression has to stand out" I answered, she looked a bit confused "don't worry you'll love it" I assured her she half smiled but still didn't look 100% into it " I promise you'll love it" as I pressed my lips on her cheek, that worked she looked very happy! As we got out of the elevator I lead her to this door with big golden handles "after you" i motioned for her to walk through the door , "What is it? " as she stared at an empty stage looking a tad confused " You'll see" I replied as I lead her over to our seats...I booked the couple seats so we could sit right next to each other, bit desperate but a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do!

Tamils POV

The room, actually it was more of a theatre, it was totally empty it was just us two. At first I was a bit unsure but then Harry took my hand and held it in his, they fit perfectly... After about five minutes of conversation I started to realise he had a British accent, he didn't have that earlier I swear he didn't this was weird. The lights started to dim down until completely off giving the impression that the show was about to start but I had to ask about his accent "hey Harry..." I whispered to him "yeah what's up " there it is again I hadn't noticed it but it's getting stronger! "Never mind, it's fine" I replied as the show started

"OMG how'd you know" I almost shouted in excitement forgetting that we were in a theatre, Harry just laughed "we'll I was just going to take you the the restaurant but I remembered earlier today your necklace was the rose from beauty and the beast so I decided to come here instead" he whispered into my ear, this was so sweet of him no one ever noticed my necklace, well they have but they didn't know what it was from and I'd never seen the beauty and the beast play " Best first impression, definitely a keeper" I said to him giving him a little wink which made a smile grow on his face as he gripped my hand tighter. I ended up curling up on my seat with my head on his shoulder as he stroked my hair

Harrys POV

She was so into the play she knew every word to the songs that were sang, she was just so beautiful I couldn't keep my eyes off her she was now laying on my lap watching the play "You're so beautiful, you truly are" she shot up I felt as if I had sad something wrong " you really mean that?" She asked me " of course I do, come let's go for a walk" we got up and made our way to the top deck

"You know what you said back there, it really meant a lot, I mean my boyfriend...I mean my ex boyfriend use to say it but never meant it, but I really do appreciate you saying it" Tamika said as she watched the stars move above us whilst the ship moved "Well I promise I'll never treat you any less than you are, I love you" it just slipped out of my mouth she's gonna think I'm too full on what have I done "Earth to Harry" she said as she waved her hand in my face " haha yeah?" I replied hoping she didn't say anything about before " Harry, i know it's just been a day but I love you too" she said with a half smile. I brushed the hair from her eyes and tucked it behind her ear as I placed my forehead on hers and whispered "Good, cause now your mine" softly pressing I our lips together she pulled back and just giggled " who said stop" I joked as I grabbed the back of her neck pulling her in once more, it was a lot more passionate this time, but she pulled out again "Harry, can we not do it out here people are starting to stare" she said as she giggled at the crowed we had attracted "let's go to my cabin" she said pulling my down the ship towards the elevator and to her cabin.

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