All aboard the love boat

Tamika was probably the happiest girl in the world! she just turned 19, she had an amazing boyfriend and she was going on a cruise to the South Pacific for a could it get any better....

Ohh...well the day before the cruise that amazing boyfriend of hers.. he admitted to Tamika that he cheated on her...this cruise wasn't going to be as perfect as she hoped for

Will Tamika find her summer love onboard or will she sit there in misery missing all those little things ?


2. should I ?

Harrys P.O.V

I can't believe I almost made her slip, well it wouldn't have happened if Louis hadn't have pushed me but then again I wouldn't have met her if he didn't so I guess it's not too bad.

I don't know what but there's just something about her that just makes me smile like an idiot, I know we only talked for 5 minutes or so but it was a good 5, I think my little friend down low agreed with me too :/ how embarrassing, I hope she didn't notice it too much I didn't need another girl to leave me, especially her with those small light brown eyes with a golden brown in the middle, the long straight hair with little ringlets at the ends and he smile, her smile lit up my world..for 5 minutes, i don't know but she's just so different to every other girl and I can't quite tell why..

Maybe I'm getting feelings already, I mean it wouldn't be so bad to fall in love again it has been a while and being the youngest of the boys and the only single one, it would be nice to have that special girl to keep me company whenever I needed but I'm not jumping to conclusions yet I have to give it a bit of time...but I really just want to see her again, hope she doesn't ignore my note and blow me off :/ 'snap out of it Harry you're getting desperate again' I thought to myself I just know whatever it is I can't let Louis find out or he'll ruin it all!

Tamikas P.O.V

I finally got this drink I was planning to get like half an hour ago I kept getting distracted by all the little things around the place like the acrobats above the pool doing there routine or the giant fruit display..that was cool there we watermelons carved into flower bouquets and one of them was even carved into the shape of the opera house, it's was beautiful! Anyways I ordered this drink that was called something like berries treasure or something weird like that it tasted like heaven...not that I know what that tastes like but oh wow, I was delicious!!!!

"Ohhh Harry's note" I say to myself as quiet as possible, which didn't really matter how loud I said it everyone was to busy partying! The note read '9423 deck 6, 7:30 see you then ;) Harry xx'

Aww that's sweet, but I hardly knew the guy. I felt like just pretending I never read that note because I felt a bit desperate if I turned up, but he was such a gentlemen and his eyes, his curls him in could I say no ? I know it's so soon..but I think I'm catching feelings for that gorgeous Harry I feel like a bit of a slut but he's just to irresistible!! But I'll just see how it goes, for now ill just go back and unpack my stuff in my cabin into all the draws and the wardrobe then I'll decide :)

Harrys P.O.V

It's 7 o'clock now and she hasn't shown up yet, I'm starting to think the worse I hope she didn't ditch me, although I did say 7:30.. I'll just turn the Telle on and watch it until she comes..hopefully :(

*Knock Knock*

"She came" Harry jumped up in excitement to open the door

"Hey there haz ready to go" Niall said trying so hard to keep his balance, he seemed a tad drunk "Niall, where'd you go the lads are lookin' for ya" Liam yells from a few doors away, i peaked my head around Niall, "Over here Liam" I answered motioning him to come this direction.

"Thanks Harry, you coming with us?" Liam asks all puffed from running a muck trying to find the tipsy Irish boy, "umm ye- n-nah not yet, ill catch up with yous later" I said hesitantly and went back into my cabin closing the door before he could ask me questions. I sat back down and just stared at the clock... 7:20...7:25...7:2-

*knock knock*

I got up thinking it was just one of the boys "go away ill come you look beautiful" I said trying to pick my jaw up off the ground as I just stared at Tamika, the girl from earlier today.. She just left me speechless...

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