All aboard the love boat

Tamika was probably the happiest girl in the world! she just turned 19, she had an amazing boyfriend and she was going on a cruise to the South Pacific for a could it get any better....

Ohh...well the day before the cruise that amazing boyfriend of hers.. he admitted to Tamika that he cheated on her...this cruise wasn't going to be as perfect as she hoped for

Will Tamika find her summer love onboard or will she sit there in misery missing all those little things ?


4. hey you

We are in her cabin, she's getting changed and I cannot tell you how bad I want her, I mean I can't take it any longer! The media puts enough shit out there about me making me sound like a player..I wanna prove I'm not like that, especially to Tamika.

She walks towards me and sits on my lap, her legs either side of mine, I'm so turned on right now it's ridiculous..I go in for it, putting one hand on her back pulling her closer and the other hand running through her straight brown hair.

Tamikas P.O.V

There's so many thoughts running through my head, I've missed having that one person, but this time it feel different, I never had this with justin "Harry" I pull back "yeah babe?" Harry gasped as he tried to go in for it again, I pulled back and got of his lap in an instant, I was all chocked up and couldn't string together a sentence for him, I felt as if I was starstuck but not the good kind..

I just sat on the bed sobbing, trying so hard not to yelp so Harry didn't realise, I didn't want to give him the wrong message seeing as I just stopped what I thought was a perfect moment, it wasn't his fault at all I'm just a girl...and I screw things up especially relationships...but this one, i didnt want to wreck it."I just, do you really mean everything you've said?" I whimper softly as I place my head in the crook of Harry's neck "of course, why would you question such a thing ?" Harry replied quite confused at my previous question "is it because I rushed this, I knew it wasn't going to work they're all the same" He mumbles as he collects his jacket and heads towards the door

Harry's P.O.V

"HARRY, wait..." I feel a hand intertwine with mine and a few gasps for air as I head towards the door "what" I reply so confused at what just happened "P-Please stay..I don't want you to go, let alone loose you" Tamika says lowering her head to the floor as tears roll down her cheeks and hit the floor. The fact that it's her crying and not me makes me feel like a dick, like it was all my fault that I have hurt yet another girl, tears start to form in my eyes as I pull her into my chest, wrap my arms around her and slowly slide down the back of the door, still both crying over one another, how could this get any worse honestly..

A.N- Hey guys, ehhhh I feel sosososo bad for only just updating...I've had a few assessments and have been working on those! But they're mostly all done so I'll be updating much more now :) I'm really sorry that this fanfic is shit (in my opinion) but it's my first one and stupid me decided to base it on a situation I've already been through with someone so I'm going off my experience to make this and yeah it's not really that dramatic I'm just really bad at writing :/ but most importantly THANKYOU ALL for reading/liking/favouriting/commenting my fanfic! Really means a lot, so keep doing all of the above, let me know what you think and anything I should change in the comments THANKYOU GUYS <3 much love ~ mikawantsharry xxxxxx

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