All aboard the love boat

Tamika was probably the happiest girl in the world! she just turned 19, she had an amazing boyfriend and she was going on a cruise to the South Pacific for a could it get any better....

Ohh...well the day before the cruise that amazing boyfriend of hers.. he admitted to Tamika that he cheated on her...this cruise wasn't going to be as perfect as she hoped for

Will Tamika find her summer love onboard or will she sit there in misery missing all those little things ?


1. all aboard the love boat

Tamikas P.O.V

I can't believe there's only 24 hours till my cruise I've been packed for the last three days that's how eager I am to leave! Everyday I just sit there and think I'll be out on the deck drinking cocktails, sun baking living life with out a care for 1 week!

I cannot contain my excitement any longer I need to get out there in the Pacific Ocean asap!!

2 hours later...

Justin <33333

Hey, you alone ?


Yeah babe why ? x

Justin <33333

Ok, well I was just messaging to say

Remember all those times I said I was with the boys or I was sick...yeah I actually was with your friend Charlie and we've been pretty serious for about a month now so I guess that means we're over so enjoy your trip Mika hope I didn't ruin it ;)

RUIN IT ?!?!?!? Ohhhh that bitch did more than ruin it I was all pumped and ready to have a good break knowing everything at home would be fine...but noooo big show has to go and rain on my parade! What a dickhead.

It was getting later and later but I didn't notice I just sat on my apartment floor going through all the photos of him and I and just crying at the thought of not having him his perfect blue eyes, his short golden hair, his laugh everything, I felt as if my world had fallen to pieces around me and left me with memories and nothing else.

*alarm bells ringing*

"I forgot all about that alarm!" I moaned half asleep as I crawled out of the covers to turn my phone on snooze, but I had to double take.. " SHIT IM GONNA BE LATE" I jumped out of bed like a 4 year old on Christmas morning raced to my bathroom. I literally had a 2 minute shower, dried my hair slipped on my high waisted leather tights a Fluorescent orange midriff singlet top and my wedge boots, did the usual make up bit of foundation with pinky/gold eye shadow and caked the mascara as I have tiny eye lashes...but that's not the point I was about to miss the boarding! Luckily I packed everything three nights before or this would have been a disaster, I grabbed my big black kardashian kollection hand bag, my luggage bag and my sunnies and I was out the door quicker then lightning!!

I made it just in time thank goodness, it wasn't a good start to my exciting holiday that would have made me even more depressed! So I checked my luggage in got my cruise ID card and attempted to run to the boarding ramp in my wedges but it wasn't as glamorous as I pictured a few stumbles here and there but you know, girls can do anything in heels :/

I got on this humungous ship and after a rushed morning I was glad to get to my room and just fall on my bed which felt like I was floating on a cloud, it was so comfortable I was falling asleep until I heard some extremely loud party music. It had me wondering what the hell was going on so I followed the music to see there was a giant sail away party going on for all the guests, now I'm all for party's but not by myself it's just..awkward you know?! Well if I wasn't gonna dance I was at least going to drink until I was in a happier mood to dance alone or at least till I found the girls I knew that we're coming on this cruise.

As I walked over to the bar I tried to avoid every guy in my path , a bunch of drunk guys just wasn't what I wanted to deal with at the moment so I kept walking straight I wasn't moving for anyone! Until this group of five or so guys we mucking around pushing each other all over the place..I tried so hard to just keep walking but this one guy in a striped shirt pushed one of the others into me almost making me slip over...but I didn't..this warm hand was grabbing on to mine "I'm so sorry that was my friend lou-" "No it's fine, I know you's were just having fun it's okay" I giggled as I brushed my hair out of my face I could feel him staring so I tried not to look but I couldn't resist. This guy flicked his brown curls and looked me in the eyes with his dreamy green eyes " The names Harry, and you ?" He smirked, to be honest he had to be the hottest guy I had seen in a long time plus that little smirk, Ahhh!!!!!

"Nice to meet you Harry I'm Tamika" there was just a moment of silence which was disturbed by one of his friends with blonde hair looked a bit like that asshole justin but a lot hotter, " Aye Haz, bit hard there mate" all of them immediately looked down at Harry's umm...why not at Harry's dick and fell to the floor in hysterics! Harry's face went bright red I just giggled, "We'll I better go over to the bar now see you round" I whispered to Harry and have him a wink as I walked away..." Wait, take this!" Harry said running behind me with a note.

AN- Hey again, so just letting you all know this is my first fanfic, so please I beg be really honest on what you think about it in the comments or wherever and let me know if I should continue or not because I don't wanna write a whole thing and people say it's bad so yeah umm I guess if you want me to update it let me know and let me know if I should change or edit anything and I guess if you could like it or something I don't know do what you gotta do! Let me know what you's all think thank you much love ~ mikawantsharry xxxxx

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