Why me?


1. why me?

"Common Sam it'll be fun!" I chuckled as he rolled his eyes playfully. He glanced over at me with a smirk on his face. "Hey, eyes on the road." I smirked at him back as he laughed and turned a corner.

Here we go, me and my boyfriend to a One Direction concert. Once we arrived at the stadium, screams and cry's were taking over our eyes as we gave the lady our ticket as she let us through. We found our seats on the second level. 

"I can't thank you enough you know?" I asked and told him at the same time. "I know you love me!" He puckered his lips. I gave him a quick peck and giggled as he made a pouty face.

It was true I did love him.


"Danny, how long till this shit is over?" he groaned as the boys of One Direction sang. "I think its almost done honey." I let out a giggle as he poked my stomach. 

Once the concert was officially over and we had made it safely to our car, I quickly locked the car door as a sworm of girls ran by. I chuckled as one of them tripped but quickly recovered running back to her species.

"Best birthday gift ever!" I leaned over to kiss Sam, he quickly reacted and put a grip on my waist pulling me closer all though we were restricted by the stick shift. "Home?" I asked as I finally pulled away. His eyes widened as he started the car agreeing mutilate times.


We got to a intersection, the traffic was horrible. Right as the light turned green we made a turn, a black range rover turned are way too. "Sam! Watch O-" 


Darkness, that was one way to explain it. That and the feeling of wanting to open your eyes but they were just to heavy.


"Is she even alive?" I heard a deep voice next to me.

What the actual fuck?

"Yes, she is alive. Barely, thanks to you and your driving. Drunk driving might I add."Another voice popped up. I just ignored them and drifted off back to darkness.


My eyes were a little sore, I brought my hand up that wasn't restricted and felt under my eye. Thread was laced just under, I gasped as I ran my fingers along it. 

I heard a sudden cough beside me, I looked over to see a familiar face, those eyes and curls could be recognized anywhere.

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