Why me?


12. Sparks fly

A.N so I changed the cover for this And I really like it! Do you? Oh and PG guys PG hehe i think youv'e guys i have been waiting for this ;)


His lips were pressed against mine, I quickly reacted and kissed him for a half a second and pull back onto my pillow. He didn't let go he just followed me back stills contacted with my lips. I laid my hands on his chest to push him away, but they just wrapped around his neck as I kissed back. He laid on top of me and glided his hands to my hips. I could feel his lips smile as his tongue tried to get into my mouth. OMFG It just hit me this was are first kiss. I pushed him off panting and trying to catch my breathe as he was doing the same. He had a huge grin on his face and he wouldn't stop staring at me his deep blue crystal eyes peered right through my heart making my cheeks turn a light shade of pink. He laughed and sat down next to me, he looked down at me resting his chin on my head and smiling. We both fell asleep with him laying down next to me as I slept in the nook of his shoulder....It was perfect.

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