Why me?


6. Once Broken, Always Broken

-creek- I held my breath and kept quit to see who it was. My heart rate was going up but the beads of sweat of sweat were rolling down. 

"Miss, how are you?" I relaxed as it was my dad, my dad just my dad...no mum.

"Dad!" I screamed jumping out of my bed and into his already open bear hug. We hugged for what felt like an eternity but was only seconds.

"Mom is so worried, I am sorry she isn't here." He mumbled that into my ear trying to keep it on the down low but I can could see the expressions on the other faces in the room.  My eyes watered up but I tried to hold them back. When I was eight my mom had breast cancer stage four she was on the edge of dying, she got over it and now its back years later. I spent the afternoon with me dad and said my long goodbyes as he does have a job and was in need of money for me mum. I spent the night with Louis and his girlfriend, but she didn't look to happy about it, or me. Oh well?


I woke up to pounding on my head and Louis hand inner locked onto my hand and his arm over me. What the hell just happened? Eleanor was gone? Good. I moved into his chest.

"Hey baby." 

"Huh?" I looked up to see Louis inches from face, just like Harry was to me. Louis was the one I spent most of my time with. We have spent more time then I have with Harry now.

I closed my eyes and let my gut turn and flip as his warm lips hit mine softly and gently, I kissed back. But what was making this all better, I am being released from the hospital today, with Louis.

"The fuck man!" Harry was rudely ruining our sparks as they faded. I saw Louis smirk. Harry ran up to him with a temper throwing his arm.....




A.N Hiya guys! 70 views ahhhhh wow luv ya'l but do you like the story...I will update in a few minutes...updating other storys....i love your support  IMMA BE UP ALL NIGHT creating midnight memories and im alive!

As always emi <3 



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