Why me?


10. Okay one more chance.

In has been a few days and me and Savannah were having a blast. Harry and I are nothing and will never be anything. Ever. I hated him, like pure hate. Louis on the other hand was kind, I thought we had "Something" but he came in one day with Eleanor and I knew he thought it was nothing. I crossed my legs thinking on when I was getting out of here. Its been a while and my leg is healing quite well. I still couldn't walk on it or the pressure would burst open the staples then laid along the side of it. I laid my hands on my head as my elbows hit my thighs. I sighed. I hated my life at the moment. I leaned to my side and saw the clock, it was 1:00 in the afternoon. I heard the door creak in, I turned over with a heavy look on my face. It was a tall, sandy haired boy. He was hot!

My eyes opened wide as I smiled, my life has done a flip. I grinned as he walked over. He had a badge stating his name "Kyle Bingham"

He spoke with a deep heavy yorkshire accent.

"Hello, im Kyle I am your physical therapist."

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