Why me?


11. Oh hey

"Hi...Uh...Oh hey!" I said trying to sound as cool as possible.

I heard him chuckle.

I smiled as he told me what we were about to do. 


My legs and arm to full strength as the lost a lot of muscle and weight.

I laughed at myself as I tried to get up and onto the wheelchair. 

He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up with no effort onto the wheelchair. I looked up to see him staring at me I giggle giving him a cute little stair down. I saw him smirk as he wheeled me down the hallway.

We past a few halls.


Kyle stopped looking to the side,I saw his face turn and drop as he looked back down at me and sighing. 







"Louis......" My eyes widened.

Oh yeah did I tell that on the news the whole Eleanor was a fake just to get her a little more famous. Wow. Pathetic. But his puppy dog face glowed as he a little tear ran down his cheek.

"Im sorry.." he said right as Kyle started pushing me down the hallway again ignoring him.

"Louis text me later!" I called I turned my neck to see him doing a small dance and jumping in the air clicking his heels together. I chuckled.

*** My training was over for the day, and I only had to do it for another week.






L: Hey love x

D: What do you want? xx

-lets just say it was my time of the month-

L: ME-yow someone is feisty tonight x

D: OH please. Me? Little Louis is probably jumping for joy right now xx

L: Oh dayum you caught me love, but the real question is. how do I cure him?

   I rolled my eyes at his remark and waited a minute for a good come back.

D: Well first you get a very...very..very dull knife and make sure its covered in the hottest of spices...xx

L: OKAY OKAY i get it! So when do I get to see you love? x

D: Now? x

L: but its like 11:00 pm X

D: Fine....then I will just spent the night alone...x


D: oh hoh hoh thats not what I meant ..x

Before I could send that text, the door burst open and a Louis in sweatpants came.

"How long have you been here?!" I yawned at him.

"I never left love." He said scooting me to the side of the bed for him to sit on. I knew that was a lie, but I went with it.

"So watcha wanna do?" I asked not being careful at what I said.

He started to lean into my face but I pushed my hand in front of my lips as he kissed them. He grabbed my hand squeezing it. I laughed.

"Lets just get to know each other, okay? " he nodded.

L"Are you single?" 

D"Yes, and you?"

L"I am now..."

D"How many sisters do you have?"

L"Seven me mum just had twins...And you and your siblings?" (OMFG YES SHE DID JUST HAVE TWINS FOR REAL)

D"Yeah one just got engaged..but I have three brothers...then just me."

L"Are they over protective?"

D"More than you think?"

L"Then they wouldn't let me do this!" 


Before I could react I could feel his soft, warm lips press against mine.

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