Why me?


4. Heart breaking

            I was asleep with Harry next to me on my hospital bed, I noticed my leg was lowered off the strap from the air and down on the bed. It was getting better. Harry was asleep and let out small snores. I turned to my side and grabbed my phone and was scrolling down FaceBook as Harry started to wake. I looked at him as his eyes blank open, "Good Morning love....*yawn*" He mumbled under his breathe. My stomach did another back flip and my heart sank as he wrapped his hand around mine. Okay I know this is early but im falling for him and fast. And I was hoping he was falling for me too! It was around 6:00 in the morning and his arm was around my shoulder. We talked about our lives and our childhood, telling secrets. He looked at me and was leaning in closer, by the time I looked at him properly we were about a inch apart. 

Danny's p.o.v

"HARRY, OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE HURT!!!??" A girl came screaming ruining our moment. She wrapped her arms around Harry snogging his neck. He  smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

"DA FUCK HARRY!" I screamed through my tears we were squished to each other as he was making out with another girl. I got up swinging my foot onto the floor and crying in pain, I slid out of the room as I heard a girls voice laughing. I ran into a room that was empty I slammed the door behind me and locked it shut. I heard slamming on the door and Harry yelling "ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! PLEASE LET ME IN!" I ignored him and fell on the floor clutching my leg and torn stiches on my arm and the staples falling out as blood fell harshly. My eyes dozed off as I laid there nealry bleeding to death.



XXXXhey guys so this update sucks I know trust me the story get better and longer I just havev;t had time (lazyness) <3 thanks I love you guys and please fave and like thank *kisses forehead)

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