Why me?


5. Hatred can go so far

I again woke up on a hospital bed. My arm in a small light cast where the staples were and my stitches  were sewn down again but tighter. I looked up and saw a nothing but white. I was in a new room, my face was stained with tears. Then again I remembered the thing about Harry, I let out a small sniffle.


I heard knocking on the door, "Who is it?" I wasn't going to let Harry.


"Dr. Anderson, may I come in?"  

"Yes." I was relieved it wasn't Harry, maybe he left. I hope so. My feelings for him are long gone.

"I have some good news and some bad news." He said it blankly without taking his eyes off his clipboard. I nodded to listen.

"Good news is you will be out in less then a week! Bad news is you will have to come once a month or have somebody stay with you at all times in case of a injury or something." He was about to leave when he turned around, "You have a few visitors , would you like me to send them in?"  I nodded yes then said "Everybody is fine but a curly haired boy named Harry he is banned for ever seeing me!" I said happily. The Dr let out a small chuckle and saw I was serious and went out. 



"SISTER?" My best friend Savannah came in (hey domo ;) She hugged me and I tried not to let the pain through.

"How are you?" I asked her clueless.

"Um im fine compared to you!" She laughed sitting on 'my' bed.

"True, true. So.....?" I didn't know what to say I mean I texted her what happened but still.  

"Guess who I  met while I was waiting out there to see you?!" She said it like she was about to exploded, I tried to not roll my eyes as it might be Harry.


"ONE DIRECTION!" she screamed and ran around my bed to my side.

"And they told me to tell you that they wanna talk to you!" she was about to cry. I love her! <3

"Let them in but Harry, -she looked confused- I will tell you later why. Okay?" She nodded and went out to get the 'boys'. They all came in and wished me some get better and bears and balloons they hugged me and we talked for about a hour or so when we head=rd a knock on the door. It got dead silent as the door opened.



Hey guys so yeah i know i know im grounded for getting a f but im secretly writing this XD wish me luck guys i will update soon probs tomorrow and Monday -no school- but please comment it really helps!!! -gives you all skittles-

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