Why me?


8. Girl time at Last

Its been about two hours since the whole 'fight'. And iv'e banned all males to set a finger on my door. 


Knock, knock. 

"Who is it?"

"Um your sister!" I chuckled and let  her in.

"Come on in Savannah!" she came in half with through the door with her hand holding onto something...Hmmm wonder what it is? 

"So how is it?"  I let out a loud huff at what just happened.

"Good, did you hear?" I asked hoping for a good answer.

**Savannah POV**

"You could hear a mile away. Louis is balling and Harry left with some girl..." Should I say that...oh well to late. I saw a tear form in her eye as I ran towards with a small box behind me setting it aside, hugging her. 

"Whats wrong baby?" I tried to sound comforting.

"I have feelings...for Louis -I nodded for her to continue- and also ...Harry." I let out a loud shock in my voice and looked at her with disbelief. I knew she liked One Direction but wow. I hugged her tighter and rubbed her back and I felt her wet tears drown my sleeve.

"We need a distraction! When do you get out of here?" I tried to sound happy and less sad...I will tell you later. 

"Two more weeks, they want the wounds to heal properly and stitches dissolve before I leave, cause I keep pulling them out." I let out a smile and said

"We need to go shopping for when you come out! You need to look confident and irresistible. She nodded happily. I walked into the hallway to grab my laptop and such.

**Dannys POV** 

Savannah went into the hallway bringing in a bag full of things and her Apple laptop. I was happy right now, and getting my mind off...of him would help the pain as well. She scooted me over and pushed the laptop onto my lap and opened it signing in and opening tons of websites from clothes to movies to shoes to a new phone. -mine had gotten shattered during the crash-



A.N Holy Shiz guys! 104 reads i am in tears right now!!! I love you all! Do you like the story so far...am I rushing it or going to slow, Thanks for the advice in the comments I love it and it helps me since this is my first Movella (I have more! Check them out sometime!) As always *gives you all skittles and strawberries*



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