Why me?


7. Can't stop now!

*Danny's POV*

Harry's arm swung in full force to Louis.

"HARRY!" I screamed at the top of my lungs lunging my body over Louis. My head swung over hitting the table beside the bed. Tears were rolling by now my eyes sealed tightly.

"Danny....DANNY WAKE UP!" I heard Louis's sweet, sweet voice....then Harry's.

"Danny get up now!" Oh enough Harry! I just wanted to slap him, but why couldn't I?


I tried opening my eyes to see that two angry boy were staring wide eyed at me. Shit. I wiped my nose from pain to see that it was bleeding and it felt like a large bruise was forming on my half left side my face.



For the first time in forever I hated boys.




I lowered my body to the bed and folded my arms, even though I was in a large amount of pain -which i'm use too- I had to show them I was strong that they couldn't break down my wall like some girl they hooked up with last week or something.


I turned my head pulling my stitches without wincing even though I would die if I had the option....hmmmm no I guess i don't have the gut but I concealed the pain. All I heard was fighting and my name.I managed to pull out,


"Leave, both of you. Now." I was looking at him, both of them with pure anger.


-I know this story is going by pretty fast but I really want to slow it down and make it more meaningful- thank you for 80+ reads! It really does motivate me so keep reading! 



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