Why me?


3. Breathe Taking

My voice was choking as I tried to breathe, Harry was pushed out thus again. I'm so stupid. 


I woke up with a air mask taped to my face, I looked around to see nobody in the room.

I sighed in relief and relaxed as I looked up and down my body to see that me stitches were still there. Great. So the nightmare was real. I grabbed my phone that was on the side of the desk with also medicine, water and a pillow by it. I went on to Twitter to find a post that made my heart.

“I would like to apologize to @Danielle-King, This girl went through more then needed....x” -posted on twitter by harry with a picture of me sleeping. I didn't look to bad compared to others so I was happy...


I looked at the time to see it was 3:00 am. Holy. Crap. I heard talking outside my door, almost sounded liking crying. I tried to get up but my bruised leg wouldn't let me. I just yelled out “Hello?” without hurting my voice. A sleepy Harry came in. His eyes looked red from crying. “Yes, look I'm r-really sorry *sniffle* I thought you were going to die....” He said through tears. My stomach did a back flip. “I'm just happy I’m alive!” I said trying to make it sound convincing but my aches that went through my body wasn't helping.


He sat down on the ground next to me putting his elbows on my bed and looking straight at me. Should I look back or just stare into space while he was looking at my body? I decided after a minute I would glance. I look over but it hurt so I let out a small whimper which was bad. Harry wasn't bubbly or flirty his eyes just filled with tears as he saw the pain I was going through. It made me want to hug him but he would think I'm a freak so I laced my fingers together and placed them on my lap. He look up and kissed my cheek while it burned from excitement I tried to hold myself together. I looked at him and smiled “Everything is going to okay.” I placed my hand on his cheek as he looked up with hope.


“oh...I'm Danielle by the way but you can call me Danny.” I said that pleased that I could talk to him without my stomach jumping. “Harry, I bet you already know!” He chuckled as he saw my phone was on and the background was One Direction Midnight Memories cover. I let out a small laugh. I was going to heal faster as long as he was with me. :D Did y’all like it? I will post a longer one tomorrow as long as I get more reads, then the faster they will be posted!! And guess what Im doing a new fanfic, buttsss its a lot of tradgeys so its gonna pull out your emotions and play with them its called    "Just listen"OOOOOO i cant wait to upload it!!! RATE FAVE AND FANI WILL FAN U BACK :D -walks out of room-

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