Take me as I am


1. chapter 1;

~Chloe's POV~

Hi, let me introduce myself. I am Chloe Nichole Stromberg. Heard the last name before? Good, cause that's my little brothers' last name, Keaton and Welsey Stromberg. They were on X-Factor. Famous now, so I barley get to see them. Anyways, I'm 20 years of age. I was born on June 23th, 1990. So, yeah. I am a blond, green eyes. Some people even think I'm a tumblr girl. I mean, yeah, I think I'm pretty but not that pretty. I'm size 5 in jeans, so I don't think I'm that skinny either, I mean, I don't think I'm fat either.. Yanno, average. I'm 5'7. I also have the mouth of a sailor, it get's pretty bad most of the time. I have 4 tattoos, and 4 piercings. I have an anchor on my wrist that say's 'I refuse to sink'. I have two stars on my hips with two piercings on my hips. I have a dandelion on my right shoulder. My piercings are on my belly button, those two on my hips, and my ears. I am a Directioner, but not a die hard one. Yanno? Well, yeah.

"Baby bros!" I yell, pulling Wesley and Keaton into a hug.

"Okay, we get it. You're happy to see us." Keaton says pulling away from the hug.

"Don't I get a hug?" Drew says pouting. He's always had a crush on me, it's pretty cute, but he's too young for me, a year, but not the point. I don't go for younger guys, even if they're younger by a year.

"Of course." I say hugging him.

"So, Chloe," Drew says pulling me out of the hug, "I was thinking, maybe you could let me take you out on a date?"

"Sorry, love. I don't go out with younger guys." I state.

"Oh." he says frowning.

"I'm sure there is some other girl out there for you."


"So, why are y'all back so early? Not that I didn't miss you or anything, I'm just wondering."

"Well, it's your birthday tomorrow so we wanted to come back and see you." Wes said.

"Oh, I forgot my own birthday. Damn it."

"Language." Keaton says.

"You know I curse like a sailor so, fuck off. Please."

"Anyways, we're taking you out. It's formal, so wear something fancy."

"Alright, well you know where the rooms are, and the guest bedroom is already ready for you Drew. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight."

I get upstairs and walk into my bathroom. I remove my makeup and throw my hair up into a messy bun. I put on my black sweat pants and a white tank top. As soon I as lay down, I snuggle up with my pillow and fall right asleep.

~The next day~

"WAKE UP!" Keaton yells.

"Ugh. What time is it?" I question him, sitting up.

"7 in the morning, but you have a long day ahead of you." Drew says.

"Mother fuckers." I say laying back down, putting my pillow over my head.

"Pleaseee, we made you waffles with chocolate milk."

I sit up quickly. "Chocolate chip waffles?" I ask, raising my eyebrow.

"Yep." they say in unison.

"Ooooh." I say running down to the kitchen, digging right into my waffles.

~After breakfast~

"Alright, part 1 of your birthday. Here is 305 euros (400 hundred dollars) so go buy you something fancy for tonight." Wesley says handing me the money.

"Guys, this is a bit much, don't you think?"

"Nope, now go."

I head back upstairs, and apply some foundation and some mascara. I change into my skinny jeans, and a plain white v neck, and grab my uggs. As I'm about to walk out the door, I grab my leather jacket.

I get in my car, and head off to the mall.

I check out a few stores, nothing really catching my eye. I finally go into some store called 'Debs' and I see the perfect dress. It's a tanish color with a slit up the leg. It was gorgeous, and only a hundred and fifty-six cents (76.82 in euros). After I was done in there, I was on my way home and I see a tattoo and piercing place. I have always wanted to get my back dimples pierced.

"Hi, what can I help you with?" a lady asks

"Er, I was wondering if I could get my back dimples and a tattoo of an anchor on my back?"

"Of course. Come with me."

As she brings me back, I see Harry Styles getting a ship tattoo, or so, I think it was a ship. He's even better looking in person. (A/N: I know Harry already has that tattoo, just go along with it.)

"Alright lay here, and I'll go get someone for you to do the back dimple piercings and then I'll be back for the tattoo."


"Isn't that gonna hurt?" I hear someone say. I look over, and it's Harry Styles. Oh wow, he's really talking to me. Keep calm.

"Eh, it shouldn't be that bad." I say trying to sound like a bad ass.

"It seems like it, you tell me." he says, chuckling.

"Okay, hi. I'm Jimmy."


"Aren't you Keaton and Wesley Strombergs' sister?"

"The one and only."

"That's why you look so familar." Harry says.


"I'm Harry by the way."

"I know, I'm a Directioner."

"Well, when I'm done here I'll give you my number." he says winking at me.

"I'm gonna start now." Jimmy says.

"Sorry love, but I don't go for younger guys. And, alright."

"How old are you then?" he questions me.

"I just turned 21 today. Plus, I'm more of a Louis girl." I say, winking.

"Well, I can still get your number, and maybe you can meet the lads."

"Sure, after I get this done, plus the tatt- Ow, fuck!"

"I take it that it hurts." he says trying to make much movement while laughing his ass off.

"Almost done." he says putting the piercing in. "Now, I'm gonna go get Anna to go your tattoo."

"Okay, god dammit, that hurt."

"So you're not such a bad ass are you?" he asks.

"Nope, still a bad ass."

"So where are you from?"


"Why are you in America then?"

"I moved here when I was 13."

"Ohh. I'm guessing you already know where I'm from?" he asks raising his eye-brow.

"Okay, so you ready?" Anna asks.

"Well duh, and yes I am. I watched you and the other lads while you were on X-Factor." I say as my phone rings.

"Hellur?" I say answering the phone.

"Chloe, where are you?" Wesley asks.

"At a tattoo place, getting a tattoo, and I just got my back dimples pierced. Oh, and I'm talking to Harry Styles."

"Sounds fun.."

"Very, now, why are you calling?"

"I don't even remember, did you get the dress for tonight."

"Yes. I did."

"And I bet she'll look hot in it tonight." I hear Drew say in the background..

"Tell Drew I heard that, and I gotta go. I'll be home in a bit.." I say hanging up the phone.

"Well Mr. Styles you're all done."

"Thanks, Jim." he says.

"Here, let me see your phone. I'll put my number your phone. I can trust you not to leak it right?" Harry says.

"Yeah, and let me take your's as well.. So, we both have each others number."

"There you go. We'll be here for a few months so we can hang out sometime soon."

"Bye Harry."

"And, I'm done."

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