Infinite Love

Drew Bieber was known for being the "school player", but what happens when a certain new girl shows up and changes his ways?


3. Chapter three



                                                  Rose's P.O.V 

                                                 ~1 week later~             


                    It's been a week since I moved here. It's been fun, except Drew keeps harassing me everyday. He always makes small sexual remarks to me. It's so annoying. I joined the soccer team. My mom thought it would be a great opportunity to make friends. I only agreed to it because Anna is on the team. It's actually quite fun. The coach says I'm pretty good. I also made a couple of friends. Julia, she's a senior, Amber, she's a junior like me, and Shay, the team captain-also a senior. My life here has been drama free, except for this blonde freak that keeps following Drew around and gives me death stares. He said she was just a one-night-stand, but I don't think she got the hint.   



                    "Whatcha thinking about princess?" Drew asked, his chin resting on my shoulder.  

                    "I'm thinking about how much I despise you right now" I replied, jerking my shoulder,  his chin not budging.  

                    "Despise? I don't think that words in my vocabulary princess." He smirked. "I was wondering, wanna go out tonight?"  

                    "I rather have my kidneys be ripped put by wolves" I hissed, drawing my attention back to the board.  

                     "As appealing as that may be, you'll be dead, and I don't want my princess to be dead" he said , twirling my hair with his fingers. "So what do you say, pick you up at seven?"  

                    "No" I bluntly replied, slapping his hand away from my hair. "And I would appreciate if you kept your hands to yourself"  

                    "Not until you agree on a date with me" he insisted, grabbing more of my hair and twisting it.  

                     "Seriously stop" I argued.  

                    "Miss Williams, Mr Bieber, is there a problem?" Mrs Rogers asked, stopping her lesson and looking us in the eye.  

                     "No Ma'am" I quickly said, picking up my pencil and getting back to work.    




                     "So, what are we doing tonight?" Drew asked, sliding into the seat next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.  

                     "We aren't doing anything" I said, taking his hand off my shoulder. "I'm going to stay home, and hopefully, you have something else to do"  

                     "Mmhh actually, I don't" he smirked, raising an eyebrow.  

                   "Well hopefully you find something to do besides bothering me" I said.  

                     "Aww, but I like bothering you" he pouted. "I like when you get feisty, you look hot"  

                  "Drew stop now or so help me God I will chop your balls off" I snapped, getting up from my seat and walking out of the cafeteria. Heading towards my locker, I was soon stopped by an obnoxious blonde.  

                 "You're Rose right?" The blonde asked, twirling her hair in between her fingers.   

                     "Uh yeah" I replied, opening my locker, taking out my books.  

                     "Well, I'm just here to tell you to stay away from Drew, his mine, not yours" she hissed.  

                     "First of all, I am no way near interested in him. Second of all, by the looks of it, his not even interested in you. So I suggested you stop being an obsessive stalker and leave him alone" I snapped, slamming my locker closed, brushing past her on the way to my next class.



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