Infinite Love

Drew Bieber was known for being the "school player", but what happens when a certain new girl shows up and changes his ways?


1. Chapter one

"Well, here it is" my mom spoke, pulling into the parking lot of my new school.  

"Ok I regret this, lets go home please" I begged, my hands shaking as I took a deep breath "Mom can we just go back, I don't want to be here"  

"Honey a fresh start will be good for us, now come on you don't want to be late" she disclosed, unlocking the car doors. Grabbing the door handle, I took a shaky breathe and opened the door. "Good luck sweetie" she screamed, causing people to look, my cheeks redding in embarrassment. I walked up the steps to my new jail cell for the next year.  

"Ahh you must be new" the lady behind the front desk said, looking threw a pile of papers.  

"Does it look that obvious?" I asked causing her to chuckle.   

"No not really, it's just I've seen ever-" she started, soon getting cut off by a another voice.

  "It's your last year of high school, try not to get into too much trouble" A tall man In a gray suit said to a slightly less taller man, who may I say, was very attractive.  

"We'll see what happens" the shorter one chucked, running his hand through his golden brown hair. Turning around, his glaze caught mine, sending me a wink that caused my heart to melt. 

  "No no no. She's new, keep walking" the lady behind the desk yelled. Throwing his hands up as a sign of surrender, causing me to chuckle. 

"That's Drew" she said "Stay away from him"She said handing me a white square paper," here's your schedule, your locker, it's right down the hall on your left. If you need any help, just stop by" she commented, giving me a small smile.   

"Thank you so much" I thanked her, taking the papers and heading out of the office.  

"Lost?" a petite red-haired, asked. 

  "Yeah, can you tell me where Mrs. Peters class is" I asked her.  

"You're in luck, that's my next class" she smiled, grabbing my hand and leading me to the classroom. "So, your new?" She asked.   

"Yeah, what about you?" I asked her, fixing the shoulder strap on my backpack.  

"Naw I've been here since I was a freshman." She admitted. "Here we are, you should sit next to me" she winked, wiggling her eyebrows, causing me to giggle.   

"I don't want to bother you" I said, truthfully.

  "Oh no my friends will love you!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands together. Opening the door I took a breath. 

  "Don't worry, you can do this" I said to myself.   

"You must be the new student" a middle aged women said, who I suppose is Mrs. Peters. Nodding my head as a response she spoke again "You can seat anywhere you like" the red haired girl grabbed my hand and dragged me to what I suppose was her desk. Noticing an empty seat next to her, I sat down.

  "Hi! My names Brooke" A perky blonde said. " I guess you've already met Anna, she's a doll. So what's your name?"   

"I'm Rose." I told, feeling intimidated by her boldness.

  "Well Rose, welcome to our school" she welcomed.

  "Okay so I see you've met Brooke, the rest will get here soon" Anna said.  

"The rest of what?" I asked.  

"The rest of our group, There's five of us. Jake, Brooke, Drew, Matt, and me" she said. Drew. Was that the guy the lady at the front desk told me to stay away from? "Anyway Matt and Drew are brothers, but Matt's dating Jessica, and well Matt doesn't really date, but I mean his a great guy once you get to know him"   

"Yeah his really nice and protective" Brooke added.   "

Well I'll just have to see for myself now won't I?" I said, leaning back in my chair, closing my eyes.



(Hi!! So It was winter Break and I thought of a new story, but I'm still going to continue my other one if you guys want. Love you xoxox)

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