My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


1. prologue

Ok I just wanna say this is my first fanfiction so hope yu like it! sorry for spelling mess-ups


Morgans pov

Hi! I'm Morgan I'm 18 years old. I'm in 12th grade. I go to a high school in America

So it's the first first day of school yes haha just kidding. I hate school. It's probably because of jake.

jake is a kid in my grade. how should I word this? he I my bully he has hit me, called me names (whore, bitch, ugly, fat ,ect.) he also made me have no friend but Mia.

Mia is crazy about this band. I think it's one way. no it's one direction ya that's it.

I don't know this because my parents are divorced and I mostly live with my dad. he a really bad alcoholic. he just like jake but only he is at home

I try to go to my moms as much as I can but she is in and out of the hospital from cancer. honestly it doesn't look good.

But now the good thing our school won a contest and we don't know what it is but rummer is it's amazing

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