My substitute teachers are one direction

Morgan is a not so normal girl who has a bad life in and out of school until her school wins a contest that changes her life


10. chapter 9

harrys pov

so I tell her berfor or after are date?

Morgans pov

~the next day

ok I have to say im really existed for my date with harry. for crying out loud he saved my life and gave me my new best friends.

so im wearing a baby blue skirt. it is high wasted and is long in the back and shorter in the top is black. im wearing black heals. thanks nialler. my hair is curled and has a matching baby blue bow in the back.

I have heard harry is a hopeless romantic. I hope are date is great

then I looked at the clock its time to go. I walked down stairs and all the boys were looking at me. I was at the last step and stumbled. I felt someone grab my arm. I looked up to see zayns face looking at me with a big smile. I blushed "be careful ,love" he said awe.

harry seemed jealous. then he grabbed my hand intertwining are fingers. this is my first time holding a boy's hand. "you look hot babe" he said. I bushed again. "thanks you clean up well yourself." I said. we were leaving he opened my door "miss" he said waving his arm fancily. "your so cheesy but its cute." I said and got in the car "so harry were are we going" I asked. "that's for me to know and you to find out" he said

~ten minutes later

"ok were are here" he said "a parking lot?" I asked. getting out of the car. "no put this on its a surprise." he handed me a blindfold. I put it on "will you help me walk" I asked but he didn't answer. he picked me up bridle style. we walked for 5 minutes. he stood me up and said "ok take off your blind fold" I open my eyes to see a carnival. the only people there were the workers. 'we are the only ones here so do you wanna ride some rids or eat or play games first." he said "lets go to the tea cups!' I screamed

once we got on we were the only ones there no line yes. im very impatient. we got in the pick tea cup. I started to spin the table in the middle. harry and I were on opposite sides of the table. I let go of the table and harry and I slid together. we intertwined our right hand together and the other hand we spun the table. it was like we were the only ones in the world. I throw my hands up in the air and screamed. the ride stopped. harry and I got up and I said "wow I fell dizzy can we play games now?" I was so dizzy.

we got to the cat rack "lets play this one" I screamed. "ok ill win you a big stuffed animal" he said. "more like the other way around" I said. I play softball. I can throw a ball.

"ok miss anything on the top row and for you sir the bottom row" the worker said. "can I have the big bear please" I said. he handed me the bear. "here babe" I gave harry the bear and kissed his cheek. "here babe" he handed me a little pink monkey "thanks wanna go het some food" I asked "ya what do you want?" he asked "wanna spline a funnel cake?" i love funnel cake please say yes.

we were eating our funnel cake. "harry you have powder suger in you cheek let me get it" I said. I kissed it off. "thanks you got some on you nose" he said. I didn't "no I- " I stated. he put some on my nose then kissed off

we played more games and rides the

harry got a text and said "you want to ride the Farris wheel then leave" "ya sure" I said

harrys pov

I got a texted and check it said



remember you have to tell her before 10 tomight

oh we better go but I want to ride the farris wheel. "you want to ride the Farris wheel then leave" I asked "ya sure" she said.

we were stuck at the top she looked scared. I pulled her into my chest "are you afraid of heights?" I asked. "very' she said "we didn't have to ride this" I said guilty. "im stronger with you harry" she said. did she actually say that wow! finally I girl who likes me for me not because im famous. I pushed her hair out of her face and kissed her. I felt fireworks like never before wow just wow.

the ride jerked making us pull apart and we got off the ride.

morgans pov

we left the carnival and walked back to the car. we got home 20 minutes later. we were walking up the steppes. "harry thank you for such a great time" I said and kissed his cheek.

we walked in and Lou and zany we waiting on the coach, old even for them

"did you tell her" lou asked. what. "tell me what" I said puzzled. "harry we will give you one more chance to tell her" zayn said. "harry tell me" I said with puppy dog eyes. "I cant morgan" harry said.

"fine ill tell her morgan honey." Louis said "ya" I said "morgan harry used you to get zany jealous" louis said. "no he couldn't harry you didn't right" I said softly. he shock his head. I ran cying. I could see were I was going so I went in some ones room

"I'm sorry harrys an ass. come here im here for ya morgan" the voice said I looked up to see..

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